93rd Canadian Chemistry Conference and Exhibition

Tuesday PM

AN3Room 202 B

Biomaterials and Bioanalysis (joint with BM2)

Organizer(s) - Shana O. Kelley; Kagan Kerman
Chair(s) - K. Kerman; S.O. Kelley

13:40 01519 Mixed Films Composed of Oligonucleotides and Polymer Brushes to Enhance Selectivity for Detection of Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms Wong A.K.Y., Marushchak D.O., Gradinaru C.C., Sodhi R.N.S., Krull U.J.
14:20 01520 Characterization of Superluminescent Nanosensors and Quantitative Analysis Using Imaging Mode Single Particle Detection Brouard D., L.-Viger M., *Boudreau D.
14:40 01521 A Microfluidic-based Solid Phase Reactor for the Assembly of Quantum Dot-Biosensors Tavares A.J., Algar W.R., *$Krull U.J.
15:00 01522 Direct Detection of Biomarkers in Crude Serum Using Ultralow Fouling Mixed Peptide SAM Bolduc O.R., Pelletier J.N., *Masson J.F.
15:20 01523 A Solid-Phase Nucleic Acid Hybridization Assay within Microfluidic Channels using Immobilized Quantum Dots as Donors in FRET Chen L., Algar W.R., *Krull U.J.
15:40 Coffee Break
16:00 01524 Ferrocene-Peptide Conjugates: Versatile Probes for the Detection of Proteins Kraatz H.-B.
16:40 End of Session

AN7Room 202 D

Novel Separations and Detection in Analytical Chemistry: Applications in Academia, Government, and Industry (joint with IC4)

Organizer(s) - Nicole Baryla
Chair(s) - N. Baryla

13:40 01525 Water as a Stationary Phase in Capillary Chromatography *$Thurbide K.B., Fogwill M.O.
14:00 01526 Capillary Isoelectric Trapping of Submicroliter-Volume Phosphopeptides for Enhanced MS Detection St. Pierre A.N., Jurcic K., *Yeung K.K.C.
14:20 01527 Phytic Acid Analysis Using Conventional and Synchrotron X-ray Methods *Thavarajah P., Hu Y., See C.T., Lalonde D., Goetz B., Arndt A., Vandenberg A., Thavarajah D.
14:40 01528 Do External Factors Affect "Oilfields Quats" Evaluation by Fluorescence Spectroscopy? Schmidt K., Achal R., Warrender N., *$Heyne B.
15:00 End of Session

BM1Room 205 A

Bioinorganic Chemistry (joint with IN2)

Organizer(s) - Deborah Zamble
Chair(s) - D. Zamble

14:00 01529 Visualizing Dynamic Bioinorganic Processes Involving Metalloproteins in Blood Plasma by SEC-ICP-AES Gailer J., Sooriyaarachchi M., Zeini Jahromi E.
14:20 01530 Metalation Pathways in Metallothionein Elucidated with Time- and Temperature-resolved ESI-Mass Spectrometry *$Stillman M., Ngu T., Lee J., Rushton M., Pinter T., Easton A.
15:00 01531 Probing and Manipulating Biological Zinc *$Zhang X.-a.
15:20 01532 Copper Coordination Chemistry and its Cellular Consequences Kennedy D.C., McKay C.S., *$Pezacki J.P.
15:40 Coffee Break
16:00 01533 Bioinorganic Chemistry of Titanium in Medicine and the Environment Batchler K.L., Buettner K.M., Cole K.E., Tinoco A.D., Uppal R., Collins J.M., *$Valentine A.M.
16:40 01534 Heme p-Stacking In the Drug Action of the Quinoline Antimalarials Bohle D.S., Dodd E., Kosar A.J., Suarez L., Walczaj M.S., Lawniczak-Jablonska K., Sienkiewicz A., Bellemare M.-J.
17:00 01535 Gallium Analogs of Hemozoin: Modeling Antimalarial Drug Action Dodd E.L., Bohle D.S.
17:20 01536 Ferrocenyl Carbohydrate Chloroquine Conjugates as Potential Antimalarials Herrmann C., Salas P.F., Nimphius C., Adam M., *$Orvig C.
17:40 End of Session

BM2Room 202 B

Biomaterials and bioanalysis (joint with AN3)

Organizer(s) - Shana O. Kelley; Kagan Kerman
Chair(s) - K. Kerman; S.O. Kelley

13:40 See AN3

17:00 End of Session

BM9Room 203 A

Nucleic Acids Chemistry

Organizer(s) - Philip Johnson
Chair(s) - Y. Li; T. Dieckmann

13:40 01537 Functional DNAs and Lipids for Biosensing, Drug Delivery, and Nanotechnology Liu J., Dave N., Huang P.-J., Smith B., Baeissa A.
14:00 01538 Computational Design of Structurally Complex Aptamer Pools McKeague M., *$DeRosa M.C., Dehne F., Luo X.
14:20 01539 Building an Acoustic Wave Cocaine Biosensor Neves M.A.D., Johnson P.E., *$Thompson M.
14:40 01540 The Prevalence and Potential of Two-tiered Guanine Quadruplexes in Functional Nucleic Acids McManus S.A., *$Li Y.
15:00 01541 A Contractile Electronic Switch Made of DNA Sen D., *Huang Y.C.
15:40 Coffee Break
16:00 01542 Making DNAyzmes Work at Cellular Levels of Mg2+ *$Perrin D.M., Hollenstein M., Lam C.H., Hipolito C.J.
16:40 01543 Investigation of DNA-Binding of Vancomycin Resistance Associated Regulator Protein VraR by Atomic Force Microscopy Ore M., Belcheva A., Golemi-Kotra D., *Morin S.
17:00 01544 Binding and Release of the 6S Transcriptional Control RNA Shephard L., Dobson N., *$Unrau P.J.
17:40 End of Session

BM10Room 203 B

Peptides and Their Pharmaceutical Relevance (joint with IC5)

Organizer(s) - Eran Benjamin

13:40 See IC5

17:20 End of Session

BM12Room 205 C

Radiopharmaceuticals (joint with OR9)

Organizer(s) - Neil Vasdev
Chair(s) - N. Vasdev

13:40 01545 Molecular Imaging Biomarkers: Chemical Approaches to Tracer Development *VanBrocklin H.F.
14:20 01546 The Second Avatara of [18F]6-FDOPA: A superior PET-tracer for the Detection of Variety of Neuroendrocrine Tumors in Human Cancer Patients *$Chirakal R.
15:00 01547 Boronic Acids Afford a One Step Labeling of Biomolecules with 18F: Imaging Breast Cancer in Mice *$Perrin D.M., Li Y., Ting R.T., Harwig C., Inkster J., Bellac C., Lange P., auf dem Keller U., Schaffer P., Adam M.J., Ruth T.J., Overall C.M., Dedhar S., Benard F.
15:40 Coffee Break
16:00 01548 Application of Positron-Emitting Radiometals in Cancer Imaging *$Lewis J.S.
16:40 01549 Who Needs Phosgene Anyway? DIrect Fixation of [11C]-CO2 by Amines Wilson A.A., Garcia A., Vasdev N.
17:20 End of Session

CE1Room 206 E

Beyond the Traditional Chemistry Lecture: Effective, Engaging Teaching Methods

Organizer(s) - Anne Johnson
Chair(s) - A. Johnson

13:40 01550 Re-inventing Our Concept of First-Year Chemistry Laws P.
14:00 01551 Reshuffling the Deck in Organic Chemistry: The Benefits of Shifting Away from a Functional Group-based Organization $Ackroyd N.C., *Morante S.J.
14:20 01552 Nelson Education Presents: Organic Chemistry Flashware "Bringing learning to life and life to learning" *$Deslongchamps G.
15:00 01553 Adding the Phrase "Don't Run with Scissors" to the Course Syllabus: Using Cut-and-Paste Exercises to Engage Students in Learning Instrumental Analytical Chemistry *Algar W.R., $Krull U.J.
15:20 01554 Exploring Molecular Structure in the Computer Lab or at Home Xidos J.D.
15:40 Coffee Break
Chemical Education / CSC Student Awards Reception -- 15:40 - 16:40

16:40 01555 Student Engagement in Project Work: But what about the Internet? Causton A.S.
17:00 01556 Awakening the Chemist Within: Engaging Students in Course Material Through Non-Traditional Extra Credit Projects Sauer E.L.O.
17:20 01557 Offer Something Different: An Authentic Scientific Inquiry for High School Students Walker T., *Blyth R.I.R.
17:40 01558 Incorporating Video Technology Outside the Lab: New Ways to Prepare for General Chemistry Lab Experiments $Mnich N., *George N., McWilliams A.
18:00 End of Session

IC4Room 202 D

Novel Separations and Detection in Analytical Chemistry: Applications in Academia, Government, and Industry (joint with AN7)

Organizer(s) - Nicole Baryla
Chair(s) - N. Baryla

13:40 See AN7

15:00 End of Session

IC5Room 203 B

Peptides and Their Pharmaceutical Relevance (joint with BM10)

Organizer(s) - Eran Benjamin

13:40 01559 Peptide Arrays for Selecting Cancer Targeting Peptides *$Kaur K., Ahmed S.
14:20 01560 The Identification and Characterization of tGcd, a Toxic Peptide Fragment Derived from a Non-toxic Enzyme in Escherichia coli Sawchyn B.L., $Li Y.
15:00 01561 Rapid Library Development of Cyclic Peptide Based Inhibitors Using Amphoteric Aziridine Aldehydes Zaretsky S., *$Yudin A.K.
15:40 Coffee Break
16:00 01562 Potentiating the Effects of DNA Damaging Agents through Specific Targeting of mtDNA Using Mitochondria Penetrating Peptides (MPPs) Pereira M.P., Fonseca S.B., $Kelley S.O.
16:40 01563 Parathyroid Hormone Variants Designed for Weekly Administration for the Treatment of Osteoporosis Kohn W., Sato M., Krishnan G., Hansen R., Ma L., Lozano E., Adrian M.D., Cummins J., Bullock H., Mayer J.
17:20 01564 Convergent Microwave-assisted Solid-phase "Click" Chemistry Synthesis of C-linked Antifreeze Glycopeptides Trant J.F., Capicciotti C., *$Ben R.N.
17:40 End of Session

IN1Room 206 F

Biodegradable / Green Polymers: Catalysis to Materials (joint with MS2)

Organizer(s) - Parisa Mehrkhodavandi
Chair(s) - P.G. Hayes

13:40 01565 Stereoselective Ring-Opening Polymerization of Lactide Using Lewis Acidic Metal Initiators *$Okuda J.
14:20 01566 Amine-Phenolate Metal Complexes for the Preparation of 'Green' Polymers *$Kerton F.M.
14:40 01567 Chiral Catalysts for the Polymerisation of rac-lactide Drouin F., Whitehorne T., Vabre B., *Schaper F.
15:00 01568 Chiral Indium Catalysts for the Enantioselective Polymerization of Cyclic Esters *$Mehrkhodavandi P., Acosta Ramirez J.A., Douglas A.F., Xu C., Duffy I.X., Yu J., Wallis C.
15:20 01569 Polymers Made from Renewable Resources: Crystallization and Morphology of Polylactides *$Prud'homme R.E., Wang X.
15:40 Coffee Break
16:00 01570 Biodegradable Polymer Stars: Control of Physical Properties and Degradation Rate *Shaver M.P., Cameron D.A. WITHDRAWN
16:20 01571 Design of Polymeric Nanoparticles for Protein Delivery to the Injured Spinal Cord Stanwick J.C., $Shoichet M.S.
16:40 01572 Tuning the Selectivity in Palladium-Catalyzed Butadiene Telomerization of Biopolymers Jabri A., *$Budzelaar P.H.M.
17:00 End of Session

IN2Room 205 A

Bioinorganic Chemistry (joint with BM1)

Organizer(s) - Deborah Zamble
Chair(s) - D. Zamble

14:00 See BM1

17:40 End of Session

IN5Room 206 C

Interplay of Ligand Design and Small Molecule Activation

Organizer(s) - Michael Fryzuk
Chair(s) - S. Gambarotta

13:40 01573 Macrocyclic Pacman Complexes - Tailored Molecular Clefts for Small Molecule Chemistry *Love J.B., Devoille A.M.J., Leeland J.W., Pecharman A.-F., Arnold P.L.
14:20 01574 Cofacial Pacman Macrocycles: Zinc Complexes and Anion Binding *Devoille A.M.J., Sessler J.L., $Love J.B.
14:40 01575 Structural and Reactivity Studies on Bimetallic Schiff-base Systems *$Storr T.
15:00 01576 Binuclear Metal Complexes Supported by Pincer Ligands Herbert D.E., *$Ozerov O.V.
15:20 01577 Application of N,N'-Disubstituted 1,8-Diamidonaphthalene Ligands with Early Transition Metal and Lanthanide Complexes Lavoie N., Kell T.J., Yap G.P. A,, Gorelsky S.I., *$Richeson D.S.
15:40 Coffee Break
16:00 01578 Activation and Redox Reactivity of Dioxygen and Other Oxidants at Copper and Cobalt Complexes from Fundamental to Applied Chemisty Sundermeyer J.
16:40 01579 Involvement of Amido/Imido Ligands in Oxygen-Atom Transfer Reactions Habibian M., *Ottenwaelder X.
17:00 01580 Design and Application of Novel C3-Symmetric Tridentate Sulfoxide Ligands Dornan P., Leung P., *$Dong V.M. WITHDRAWN
17:20 End of Session

IN7Room 206 B

Nanochemistry (joint with OR7)

Organizer(s) - Hicham Fenniri; Jonathan Veinot
Chair(s) - J.M. Gibbs-Davis; A. Alsbaiee

13:40 See OR7

16:40 - 17:20 The Division of Inorganic Chemistry Award for Graduate Work Lecture

18:00 End of Session

IN9Room 206 A

Rings, Chains, and Polymers with Inorganic Elements

Organizer(s) - Daniel Foucher
Chair(s) - T. Baumgartner

13:40 01581 Organophosphorus Rings, Chains and Macromolecules *$Gates D.P.
14:00 01582 Synthetic Strategies, Thermal and Electrochemical Properties of Macromolecules Containing Transition Metals *$Abd-El-Aziz A.S., Shipman P.O., Winram D.J., Sezgin S., Rock C., Pilfold J.L.
14:20 01583 Strained Metallorings - New Reactivity and Utility as Metallopolymer Precursors Manners I.
15:00 01584 Strategies Toward Stable Polystannanes Foucher D., Komejan S., Khan A., Miles D.
15:20 01585 Modeling the Molecular and Electronic Structures of Oligostannanes *Wylie R.S., Khan A., Foucher D.A., Gossage R.A.
15:40 Coffee Break
16:00 01586 A Gallium-Bridged Polyferrocene with Observable Tacticity Bagh B., Gilroy J.B., Staubitz A., *$Müller J.
16:20 01587 Photocontrolled Living Anionic Polymerization of Phosphorus-Bridged [1]Ferrocenophanes Patra S.K., Whittell G.R., *Manners I.
16:40 01588 Ferrocene Based Metal-Chalcogenolates: Rings, Clusters and Coordination Polymers *$Corrigan J.F., MacDonald D.G., Ahmar S., Battista T.L., Taher D., Khalili B.
17:00 01589 Metallocalix[4]arene Containing g6-arene-g5-cyclopentadienyliron and Ferrocene Complexes Shipman P.O., *$Abd-El-Aziz A.S.
17:20 End of Session

MS1Room 202 A

A Symposium in Honour of Mitch Winnik

Organizer(s) - Jean Duhamel
Chair(s) - G. Liu; M. Moffit

13:40 01590 The Dynamic of a Single Polystyrene Nanoparticle *Rharbi Y.
14:00 01591 Diffusion of Oligomers in Latex Systems: Designed Diffusion for Low VOC Polymer Plasticization *$Lau W.
14:20 01592 Beyond 30 Parameters in Single Cells with Mass Cytometry *Baranov V.I., $Tanner S.D., Ornatsky O.I., Bandura D.R.
14:40 01593 Chain Dynamics of Ruthenium-Labeled Poly(L-lysine) Probed by Fluorescence Aslam H., *$Duhamel J.
15:00 01594 Transition Metal Chemistry that Can Be Used for Either Surface Passivating or for Immobilizing Bio-Molecule Materials onto Surfaces *Menchen S., Inman C., Foster E., Taing M., Li H., Fry G.
15:20 01595 Multiplexed Biological Assays Using Lanthanide Tags *$Nitz M., Leipold M., Lathia U.
15:40 Coffee Break
16:00 01596 Inorganic Soft Materials: Functions and Surprises Manners I.
16:40 01597 From Nano to Bio with Metal-Containing Polymers *Winnik M.A.
17:20 End of Session

MS2Room 206 F

Biodegradable / Green Polymers: Catalysis to Materials (joint with IN1)

Organizer(s) - Parisa Mehrkhodavandi
Chair(s) - P.G. Hayes

13:40 See IN1

17:00 End of Session

MS4Room 206 D

Dendritic Macromolecules: From Synthesis to Applications (joint with OR3)

Organizer(s) - Ashok Kakkar
Chair(s) - A. Castonguay

13:40 01598 Click Chemistry: A Facile Concept to Dendrimer Synthesis Malkoch M.
14:20 01599 Exploring Dendrimer Design for Pulp and Paper Applications Castonguay A., Ladd E., Franc G., van de Ven* T., Kakkar* A., MacDonald J., Polverari M., Lepo A.
14:40 01600 Dendritic Surface Functionalization of Polymer Assemblies and Nanoparticles Li B., Martin A.L., Bonduelle C.V., Nazemi A., Amos R., Perrier-Cornet R., *$Gillies E.R.
15:00 01601 Synthesis of Layered Polyester Dendrimers Twibanire J.K., *$Grindley T.B.
15:20 End of Session

MT5Room 201 E

Polymers for Biomedical Applications

Organizer(s) - Eugenia Kumacheva
Chair(s) - M.V. Selton; S.-D. Clas

13:40 01602 The Important Role of Polymers in Pharmaceutical Oral Drug Delivery: Solid Dispersions *Clas S.-D., Xu W., Dalton C.R., Khougaz K.
14:20 01603 PEG-Silicone Foams for Drug Delivery So H., Brook M.A, Sheardown H.
14:40 01604 Nanoencapsulation And Releasing of Protein Drugs Through Hybrid Nanocomposites *$Zhang J.
15:00 01605 Carboxymethyldextran-block-PEG Copolymers as Versatile Delivery Systems for Hydrophilic Cationic Drugs $Soliman G., *Winnik F.
15:20 01606 Biomimetic Polymersomes for Diagnosis and Therapy *$Lecommandoux S., Schatz C., Le Meins J.-F.
15:40 Coffee Break
16:00 01607 Liquid Polymers Based On 5-Ethylene Ketal e-Caprolactone As Injectable Drug Delivery Vehicles *$Amsden B.G.
16:40 01608 Diffusion and Partitioning of Cd2+ in a Low-melt Agarose Hydrogel Golmohamadi M., Davis T.A., Wilkinson K.J.
17:00 01609 Metal-Chelating Polymers for the Detection of Biomarkers by Mass-Spectrometry Herrera I., Lou X., Leipold M.D., Ornatsky O., Baranov V., Nitz M., $Winnik M.A.
17:20 01610 Enhancing the Emissive Properties of Conjugated Polyelectrolytes Supported on Nanobeads and Embedded in Liposomes Liu H.-W., *Ngo A.T., $Cosa G.
17:40 01611 Abdelrahman A., *$Winnik M.
18:00 End of Session

OR3Room 206 D

Dendritic Macromolecules: From Synthesis to Applications (joint with MS4)

Organizer(s) - TBA
Chair(s) - A. Castonguay

13:40 See MS4

15:20 End of Session

OR4Room 202 C


Organizer(s) - Mark S. Taylor
Chair(s) - M. Taylor

13:40 01612 Recent Advances in Cubane Chemistry *$Priefer R.
14:00 01613 The Importance of Dispersion Interactions to Everyday Chemical Applications *Mackie I.D., $DiLabio G.A.
14:20 01614 Photoresponsive Liposomes: Towards the Photoregulation of Membrane Stability Cai J., Moore J., *$Murphy R.S.
14:40 01615 Pyridine-based Salophen Ananalogues: Synthesis, Self-assembly and Molecular Recognition Keyes L., Leung P., Bhagavathy G., *$Petitjean A.
15:40 Coffee Break
16:00 01616 Expedient Synthesis of Novel Bicyclic Peptidomimetic Scaffolds Huot M., $Moitessier N.
16:20 01617 Mimicking the Aromatic Cage: Lessons from Synthetic Hosts Whiting A.L., Neufeld N.M., *$Hof F.
16:40 01618 Carbon Dioxide and Carbon Disulfide Capture by Nitrogen Compounds Ang M.T. C., Heldebrant D., Phan L., *$Jessop P.G.
17:00 01619 Stilbenophanes from 1,2-Bis(isobenzofuranyl)ethene Hannon M., Thibault M., Wichers L., *$Dibble P.W.
17:20 01620 Verdazyl Radicals as Substrates for the Novel Synthesis of (n)-Paracyclophanes Cumaraswamy A.A, *Hamer G.K, $Georges M.K
17:40 01621 Progress Towards the Total Synthesis of Biselides A-D Bajtos B., $Pagenkopf B.L.
18:00 End of Session

OR7Room 206 B

Nanochemistry (joint with IN7)

Organizer(s) - Hicham Fenniri; Jonathan Veinot
Chair(s) - J.M. Gibbs-Davis; A. Alsbaiee

13:40 01622 DNA Inspired Heterocycles - Two Faces are Better than One *$Perrin D.M., Asadi A.
14:20 01623 Effects of Proximity of Charge, Steric Bulk, and Substituents on the Self-Assembly of Rosette Nanotubes from Twin Base System Hemraz U.D., Yamazaki T., Kovalenko A., *Fenniri H.
15:00 01624 Self-Assembled Immunopolymeric Nanoparticles for Targeted Delivery in Cancer Ho K., Lu J., Owen S., *$Shoichet M.S.
15:40 Coffee Break
16:00 01625 Development of Artificial Double Helical Hydrogen Bonded Complexes Wisner J.A.
The Division of Inorganic Chemistry Award for Graduate Work Lecture

16:40 01626 Novel Photonic Crystal Architectures for Optoelectronics Puzzo D.P., Manners I., $Ozin G.A.
17:20 01627 Fabrication of Hybrid Materials Based on Gold Nanoparticles: Interaction of Carbene-modified Gold Nanoparticles with Carbon Nanotubes & Functionalized Polymers Ismaili H., *Workentin M.S.
17:40 01628 Stimuli-Responsive Gold Nanoparticles with Low Molecular Weight Surface Coatings Lemieux V., *van Hest J.C.M.
18:00 End of Session

OR8Room 205 B D

Organic Synthesis: Stereocontrol

Organizer(s) - Greg Dake
Chair(s) - G. Dake

13:40 01629 Heteroatom-Centered Radical Cyclizations onto Silyl Enol Ethers *$Sammis G.M.
14:20 01967 Enantioselective Ruthenium-Catalyzed Intramolecular Olefin Hydroesterification and Hydroamidation Kim B., $Dong V. WITHDRAWN
14:40 01630 The Bicyclic Thioglycolate Lactam Route to (-)-Puraquinonic Acid Tiong E., *$Gleason J.L.
R. U. Lemieux Award Lecture

15:00 01631 Some Adventures in Methodology and Total Synthesis *$Clive D.L.J.
15:40 Coffee Break
16:00 01632 New Twists in Nazarov Cyclization Chemistry *$Frontier A.J., Huang J., Malona J.A., Bitar A.Y., Vaidya T.
16:40 01633 Towards the Total Synthesis of Vinigrol Poulin J., Grise-Bard C., *Barriault L.
17:00 01634 Cross-Coupling Reactions of Palladium Homoenolates *$Orellana A., Rosa D., Fernandez F.
17:20 01635 Stereocontrolled Synthesis via Cycloaddition and Ring Opening Reactions Lautens M.
18:00 End of Session

OR9Room 205 C

Radiopharmaceuticals (joint with BM12)

Organizer(s) - Neil Vasdev
Chair(s) - N. Vasdev

13:40 See BM12

17:20 End of Session

PT2Room 201 D

Coherence and Decoherence in Molecular Dynamics

Organizer(s) - Paul Brumer

13:40 01636 From Molecules to Crystals: Coherent Rotational, Phonon and Vibronic Dynamics Schwentner N.
14:20 01637 Quantum Coherence in Open Quantum-Classical Systems Kapral R., Grunwald R., Rank J.P.
15:00 01638 Mixed Quantum-Classical Liouville Dynamics Meets Multi-dimensional Spectroscopy: Spectral Signatures of Solvation and Nonadiabatic Transitions far from Equilibrium *Geva E., Hanna G., McRobbie P.L., Kwac K., Shi Q.
15:40 End of Session

PT5Room 203 D


Organizer(s) - M. Cynthia Goh
Chair(s) - M.C. Goh

The John C. Polanyi Award Lecture

13:40 01639 Probing Materials Properties in the Energy and Timing Domain with Light-Synchrotron Light *$Sham T.K.
14:20 01640 Approaching Diffraction Limited Resolution in Zone Plate Focused Soft X-ray Lithography Leontowich A.F.G., $Hitchcock A.P.
14:40 01641 Femtosecond Electron Diffraction: "Making the Molecular Movie" Sciaini G., $Miller R.J.D.
15:00 01642 Flames as Materials Cademartiri L., Bishop K.J.M., Barber J., Mace C.R., Mazzeo A., Martinez R., Choi W.J., *$Whitesides G.M.
15:20 01643 Characterization of the Concentration of Pyrene Species Present in an Aqueous Solution of Pyrene-Labeled Gemini Surfactant Keyes-Baig C., *$Duhamel J., Akbar J., Wettig S.
15:40 Coffee Break
Keith Laidler Award Lecture

16:00 01644 Understanding Aerosols on a Molecular Level Signorell R.
16:40 01645 Revealing Non-Covalent Interactions *Johnson E.R., Keinan S., Contreras-Garcia J., Mori-Sanchez P., Cohen A.J., Yang W.
17:00 01646 Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer Measurements to Probe the Structure of Gaseous Ions *$Jockusch R.A., Talbot F.O., Rullo A., Yao H.
17:20 01647 Effect of Highly Charged Droplets in Proton Transfer Consta S.C.
17:40 01648 Electric-Field-Assisted Acceleration of the Photo- Stimulated Nematic-Isotropic Transition Jayalakshmi V., Nair G.G., Prasad S.K.
18:00 End of Session

PT8Room 201 C

The Dynamics of Cellular Processes

Organizer(s) - David McMillen
Chair(s) - D. McMillen

13:40 01649 Diffusion, Reaction and Molecular Crowding Kapral R., Echeverria C.
14:20 01650 Computational Studies of Noncovalent Interactions at Natural or Damaged DNA-Protein Interfaces Rutledge L.R., *$Wetmore S.D.
14:40 01651 Distribution of Amino-Acid Multiplets in Coil Regions of Protein Sequences: Deviation from Mean Random Behaviour as a Function of Secondary Structure, Residue Polarity, and Chain Length Gong C., *$Arteca G.A.
15:00 01652 Maximum Likelihood Trajectory Inference for Stochastic Chemical Kinetic Models *$Perkins T.J.
15:40 Coffee Break
16:00 01653 Overactuated Systems and Metabolic Control Analysis Ingalls B.P.
16:40 01654 A Programmed Intracellular Device to Prevent Lethal Disease Outcomes in a Virus-infected Cell Bagh S., Mandal M., Ang J., *$McMillen D.
17:00 01655 Considerations for Using Integral Feedback Control to Construct a Perfectly Adapting Synthetic Gene Network *Ang J., Bagh S., Ingalls B.P., $McMillen D.R.
17:20 01656 Future Directions in Cellular Dynamics *$McMillen D.R.
18:00 End of Session

PT9Room 201 F

Theoretical Chemical Physics

Organizer(s) - Jeremy Schofield; Dvira Segal

13:40 01657 Molecular Simulation of Carbon Capture Technologies: Understanding the Selective Uptake of CO2 by New Metal Organic Framework Materials *$Woo T.K.
14:20 01658 Functional Derivatives and Differentiability in Density-Functional Theory Xiang P., *$Wang Y.A.
15:00 01659 Extending the Time Scales Accessible in Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Reactions *$Mosey N.J.
15:40 Coffee Break
16:00 01660 Entropy and Information Oppenheim I.
16:40 01661 Ionic Liquids and Liquid Crystals *$Patey G.N., Spohr H.V., Ganzenmueller G.
17:20 01662 Theory of Ionization Equilibrium, Intra- and Inter-Molecular Correlations, and Structure in Suspensions of Polyelectrolyte Coated Colloids Bartels C., Ronis D.
18:00 End of Session

SS3Room 201 A

Nanostructures: Structure-Property Relationships and Applications

Organizer(s) - Sylvie Morin

13:40 01663 Perfluorinated PDMS via the Covalent Attachment of Triethoxysilane Groups on the Oxidized PDMS Surface: Effects on f-Potential Values $Sun P., *Horton J.H.
14:00 01664 Learning About Molecular Association by Comparing the 2D and 3D Crystallization and Co-Crystallization of Aminotriazines Duong A.
14:20 01665 Chemical Analysis of Nitrogen Incorporated at SiO2/SiC Interface Piao H., Fronheiser J., Matocha K, *$Hu Y., Chatterjee A
14:40 01666 Role of Self Templating and Hydrogen Tunneling in the Fabrication of One Dimensional Molecular Lines on H-Si(100) *Ryan P.M., DiLabio G.A., $Wolkow R.A.
15:00 01667 Modeling Physisorption Binding Interactions for Future Hybrid Organic-Silicon Molecular Devices Sinha S., $DiLabio G.A.
15:20 01668 Atomic Layer Deposition of Functional and Cosmetic Thin Films Gordon P.G., *$Barry S.T.
15:40 Coffee Break
16:00 01669 Room Temperature Epitaxial Formation of Gold and/or Silver Films on Ge(111) by Galvanic Displacement Sayed S.Y., *$Buriak J.M.
16:20 01670 Nanoparticles for Asphaltenes Adsorption and Gasification Hassan A., Nassar N., *$Pereira-Almao P.
16:40 01671 Bulk and Interfacial Properties of Photo-Induced Anisotropy in Organically Modified Silica Nanocomposites Gonzalez T., $Andrews M.P., Galstian T.
17:00 End of Session

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