93rd Canadian Chemistry Conference and Exhibition

Monday AM

AN1Room 201 F

Advances in Microarray Technology and Analysis

Organizer(s) - Paul Li; Eric Lagally
Chair(s) - E. Legally

08:00 00425 Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR) Microarray Sensors based on the Extraordinary Optical Transmission Effect in Periodic Nanohole Arrays Im H., Lee S.H., Lesuffleur A., Lindquist N.C., Wittenberg N.J., *$Oh S.-H.
08:40 00426 Parallel Microfluidic Surface Plasmon Resonance Imaging Arrays *$Lagally E.T., Ouellet E., Yang C.W.T., Lausted C., Hood L.
09:00 00427 Patterning of Surface Hydrophobicity for Protein Microarray Detection by Scanning Kelvin Nanoprobe Chak E.Y.L., Thompson M.
09:20 00428 Microscale Bioactive Patterning of Silicone Rubber for Incorporation in Microfluidic Channels *Dechene J.M., Varma S., $Norton P.R.
10:00 Coffee Break
10:20 00429 Fluidics on a Compact Disc (CD) for Molecular Diagnostics and the Integration of Carbon-MEMS (C-MEMS) Fractal-Like Electrodes on this Platform Madou M.
11:00 00430 Origin of Atlantic Salmons determined on a Microfluidic Microarray Chip Wang L., Lubieniecki K., Davidson W.S., *Li P.C.H.
11:20 00431 Centrifugally Driven Microfluidic Array Chip for Cellular and Chemical Analysis Lee J., Wang L., Tan Z., Chen H., *Li P.C.H.
11:40 End of Session

AN4Room 201 C

Electrochemistry and Electrocatalysis (joint with SS1)

Organizer(s) - Gregory Jerkiewicz; Michael Eikerling

08:00 00432 Biocorrosion Behavior of Surface-Modified Titanium in a Simulated Body Fluid van Drunen J., Zhao B., *$Jerkiewicz G.
08:20 00433 Metallic Sponge Formation via Detuned Electropolishing *$Kruse P., Baig S.A., Wang Y.
08:40 00434 In Situ Visualization of Pitting Corrosion on Stainless Steel Rotermund H.H.
09:20 00435 Electrochemical, Spectroscopic, and Microscopic Analyses of Crevice Corroding Systems $Jakupi P., Zagidulin D., Noel J.J., *Shoesmith D.W.
09:40 00436 Spectral and Physical Properties of Electrochemically Formed Colored Layers on Titanium Covered with Clearcoats Munro A., Cunningham M.F., *$Jerkiewicz G.
10:00 Coffee Break
10:20 00437 The Role of Pore Shape, Electrolyte Decomposition, Carbon Corrosion and Carbon Surface Functionality Reactions in Self-Discharge Profiles of Electrochemical Capacitors *$Andreas H.A., Black J., Oickle A.
10:40 00438 Pyridinium-Based Protic Ionic Liquids as Electrolytes for RuO2 Electrochemical Capacitors Mayrand-Provencher L., *$Rochefort D.
11:00 00439 Quantitative SNIFTIRS Studies of Bisulfate Adsorption on Pt(111) Surface Su Z.F., Climent V., Feliu J., *$Lipkowski J.
11:20 00440 Photo-electrochemical Catalysis Based on Bi-functional Electrodes *$Chen A., Asmussen R.M., Tian M., Wen J., Matyasovszky N., Tolba R.
11:40 00441 Electrochemical Methods for Fabrication and Characterization of Cu(In,Ga)Se2 Photovoltaic Films Harati M., Giffard K., Jia J., Pellarin K., Hewson C., Love D.A., Lau W.M., *$Ding Z.
12:20 End of Session

AN7Room 202 D

Novel Separations and Detection in Analytical Chemistry: Applications in Academia, Government, and Industry (joint with IC4)

Organizer(s) - Nicole Baryla
Chair(s) - N. Baryla

08:40 00442 Sub-micrometer Particles for Sub-micrometer Plate Heights in Chromatography Wirth M.J., Wei B., Malkin D., Birdsall R.
09:20 00443 Microstructured Optical Fibers as Substrates for Open Tubular Liquid Chromatography Oleschuk R.D., Daley A.B., Irving R.A., Wright R.D, Gibson G.T.T.
09:40 00444 Petroleomics Characterization of Nitrogen Compounds in Petroleum using Hypercrosslinked Polystyrene Chromatographic Phases *$Lucy C.A., Oro N.E., Whittal R, Paproski R.E.
10:00 Coffee Break
10:20 00445 Qualitative Characterization of Complex Mixtures of Pharmaceutically Relevant Compounds using ESI FT-ICR LC-MS with 2-D and 3-D Mass Mapping Kiehl D.E., *Stranz D.D.
10:40 00446 Liquid Chromatography Mass Spectrometry for Advanced Characterization of Marine Natural Health Products Melanson J.E., Glenn K.M., Steevensz A.
11:00 00447 Monitoring Complex Degradation via Gradient HPLC-PDA-CAD with the Use of Two Different Mobile-Phase pH Conditions *$Bujalski R.
11:20 00448 Solid-phase Microextraction as a New Sample Preparation Approach for Global Metabolomics Studies using Liquid Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry Vuckovic D., Gien B., de Lannoy I., Shirey R., Sidisky L., Pawliszyn J., Dutta S.
11:40 00449 Novel 2D-LC Methods for the Comprehensive Analysis of Blood Serum Metabolites $Chalcraft K.R., *McCarry B.E.
12:00 End of Session

ANPConstitution Hall


Organizer(s) - Michael Thompson
Chair(s) - M. Thompson

From 12:20 until 13:40

Poster sessions are from 12:20 - 13:40 and 17:40 - 19:20.

12:20 00450 Synthesis and Red/Ox Potentials of Polyaromatic Polyimine Derivatives as Potential Corrosion Inhibitors Ahmida M.M., Mahoney S.J., Shuai C., *Eichhorn S.H.
12:20 00451 A Metric for a Rapid and Objective Determination of Discriminating Ability of a Chemometric Model *$Harynuk J.J., Sinkov N.A.
12:20 00452 Characterization of Drug-molecular Receptor Interaction based on Highly Sensitive Localized Surface Plasmonic Structures Zhao S.S., Live L.S., Pelletier J., *Masson J.-F.
12:20 00453 Investigation of Non-covalent Molecular Interactions with Quantum Dot Conjugates *Pereira M., $Lai E.P.C.
12:20 00454 An Integrated Microfluidic Chip for Spatially Resolved Measurements of Millisecond Time-scale Conformational Dynamics in Proteins *Rob T., $Wilson D.
12:20 00455 The Development of Bio-Catalyst Microreactors from Micro Structured Fibers and Silica Monolith Capillaries for Lipid Transformations Tuan Anuar S., *Mugo S.M., Curtis J.M.
12:20 00456 Fabrication of Dense Polymer Nozzle Array on Microstructured Fibers for Electrospray Application Fu Y., Wright R., Gibson G.T. T., *$Oleschuk R.D.
12:20 00457 Method Development for Arsenic Speciation Analysis in Human Blood Serum Lu X., Yu L., *$Le X.
12:20 00458 Reliability of the Methods used for the Analysis of Nitrate in Water, Specifically by use of the Titanium(III) Reduction Method *$Kariuki S., Caruso K.
12:20 00459 Surfactant Bilayer Coatings in Narrow-Bore Capillaries in Capillary Electrophoresis Gulcev M., McGinitie T., Bahnasy M.F., *$Lucy C.A.
12:20 00460 Tissue Distribution of Arsenic Species in Rats after Dietary Administration of Arsenite Chen B., *$Le X., Arnold L., McKnight-Whitford A., Suzuki S., L Pennington K., Cohen S.
12:20 00461 Time Resolved Electrospray Ionization Mass Spectrometry: A New approach for measuring Kinetic Isotope Effects in the Enzymatic Pre-Steady State Liuni P., *Wilson D.J.

Advances in Microarray Technology and Analysis

12:20 00462 Development of Continuous Gradient of Immobilized Probe for Controlling the Stringency of DNA Hybridization: An Application of Microfluidic Flow Rates Noor O.

Electrochemistry and Electrocatalysis

12:20 00463 Detection of H2O2 During the Oxygen Reduction at Self- Assembled Thiol-Porphyrin Using SECM and Nanoelectrodes $Mezour M., *Mauzeroll J.
12:20 00464 An All-Solid-State Monohydrogen Phosphate Sensor Based on a Synthesized Macrocyclic Ionophore *$Kumar P., Shim Y.-B.
12:20 00465 Selective Functionalization of a Surface Plasmon Polariton Mach-Zehnder Interferometer for Biosensing Krupin O., *$Berini P.
12:20 00466 Electrochemistry of Metal Porphyrines Monolayers Adsorbed on Gold Single Crystal Surfaces Khanfar M., Zheng S., *$Morin S.
12:20 00467 Electrochemical Study of Binary Ferrocene Alkylthiol SAMs Containing Different Surface Concentrations and Phase States of Ferrocene Dionne E.R., *Badia A., $Mauzeroll J.
12:20 00468 Electrocatalytic Reduction of CO2 by Some Mono- and Dinuclear Ru Complexes Begum A., *$Pickup P.G.
12:20 00469 Monitoring the Photographic Process, Degradation and Restoration of 21st Century Daguerreotypes by Wavelength-dispersive X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometry *Da Silva E., Robinson M., Evans C., $Pejovic-Milic A., Heyd D.
12:20 00470 Thermochemistry of Metal Solubility, Hydrolysis and Complexation under Generation IV Supercritical Water-Cooled Nuclear Reactor Conditions *$Tremaine P., Arcis H., Brosseau F., Guzonas D., Trevani L., Zimmerman G.
12:20 00471 Study of Bi UPD and OPD Structures on Au(100) Using In Situ Surface X-ray Scattering $Zheng S.H., Krug K., Golks F., Kaminski D., Magnussen O.M., *Morin S.
12:20 00472 High Performance Anode Materials for the Electrochemical Step of the Cu-Cl Thermochemical Cycle Ranganathan S., *$Easton E.B.
12:20 00473 Enhancement of Solar Cell Efficiency by Plasmonics Effect $Souza M.L. de, Wang M., Corio P., *Brolo A.G.
12:20 00474 Enhanced Electrocatalytic Activities of Au Nanoparticles *Yang H.
12:20 00475 Electrochemical Route Toward Fabrication of Conventional and Reverse Thin Film Solar Cells Using Ionic Liquid Medium Harati M., Lau L.W. M., Love D.A., *$Ding Z.
12:20 00476 Electrochemical Material Science of Coloured Passive Layers on Zirconium Holmberg R., Beauchemin D., *Jerkiewicz G.
12:20 00477 Photoelectrochemical Formation of Sulfur Films on GaAs Surface *$Khader M., Alshamry N., Haider T., Alemadi F.

Novel Separations and Detection in Analytical Chemistry: Applications in Academia, Government and Industry

12:20 00478 Desorption by Impulsive Vibrational Excitation (DIVE) and Post-ionization for the Quantitative Detection of Biological Molecules, using Mass Spectrometry *Talbot F.O., Zarrine-Afsar A., Zhou J., $Miller R.J.D.
12:20 00479 Scanning Electrochemical Microscopy of CIGS Photovoltaic Films Jia J., Harati M., Love D.A., Lau W.M., *Ding Z.F.
12:20 00480 Application of Capillary Zone Electrophoresis to Determination of Cetirizinein Bulk and Tablet Dosage Forms *$Shafaati A., Zarghi A., Sattarijavid F.
12:20 00481 Simultaneous Determination of an Anti-Cancer Drug Temozolomide Capsules Dosage Form in Pharmaceutical Preparation by High-Performance Liquid Chromatography *$Patel P.
12:20 00482 Rapid Identification and Quantification of Estrogens and their Conjugates in Urine by Capillary Electrophoresis-Electrospray Ionization-Mass Spectrometry Janson N., *$Britz-McKibbin P.
12:20 00483 Surface Modification of Graphitic Carbon-Based Stationary Phase for Chelating Ion Chromatography Sun W., Chambers S.D., *Lucy C.A.
12:20 00484 Reversed-phase LC Microchip with an Integrated ESI Emitter Mats L., Gibson G.T.T., *$Oleschuk R.D.
12:20 00485 Capillary Electrophoretic Peptide Mapping using Immobilized Chymotrypsin: Investigation of the Denaturation and Digestion Conditions for Some Protein Standards *Ghafourifar G., Gan S.-M., Nguyen Q.V., $Waldron K.
12:20 00486 Exploring Micro-Structured Fibre as a Support for Reverse Phase Open Tubular Liquid Chromatography Irving R.A., Daley A.B., $Oleschuk R.D.
12:20 00487 Study of Fluorous Porous Polymer Monoliths for Separation of Fluorous-tagged Analytes on Micro-LC and CEC Xu Z., Daley A.B., Ou J., *$Oleschuk R.D.
12:20 End of Session

BM3Room 203 A

Bioorganic Chemistry (A Symposium Celebrating Ron Kluger's 65th Birthday)

Organizer(s) - Andrew Woolley
Chair(s) - A. Woolley

08:00 00488 Combining Isothermal Titration Calorimetry and NMR Spectroscopy to Identify Binding Cooperativity from an Induced Folding Event in Aminoglycoside N6'-Acetyltransferase-Ii Freiburger L.A., Mittermaier A.K., *$Auclaier K.A.
08:20 00489 Novel Redox Reactions of the Enzyme Cytochrome P450cam: Elucidation of the Role of Water in the Reduction Reaction Prasad B., *$Plettner E.
08:40 00490 Harnessing the Power of P450 Catalyzed Hydroxylations at Inactivated C-H Bonds *Larsen A.T., $Auclair K.
09:00 00491 Choreographing Radical Propagation in a B12 and B6-dependent Enzyme *Wolthers K.R., Levy C., Scrutton N.S., Leys D.
09:20 00492 Surrogates of 17b-estradiol as Potential Carrier Molecules for Nitrogen Mustard DNA Alkylating Agents *$Bérubé G., Descôteaux C., Asselin É.
Boehringer Ingelheim Award Lecture

09:40 00493 Mechanisms and Engineering of Glycosyltransferases Lairson L.
10:00 Coffee Break
10:20 00494 Development of a Novel Class of Inhibitor Against a-Carboxyketose Synthases Balachandran N., *$Berti P.J., Junop M.S.
10:40 00495 Investigating RebC-Mediated Chemoselective Oxidation during Rebeccamycin Biosynthesis Groom K.A., Snieckus V., Zechel D.
11:00 00496 Constrained Mimics of Gypsy Moth Pheromone: Design and Biological Activity *$Plettner E., Chen H.
11:20 00497 Low Km/low kcat Substrates for b-lactamases can Enhance the Potency of Carbapenems Against Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria Marrone L., Goodfellow V.J., Ghavami A., Johnson J.W., Clarke A.J., Viswanatha T., *$Dmitrienko G.I.
11:40 00498 Kinetic Tuning of FAD Semiquinone Stability in Photolyases and Cryptochromes Damiani M.J., *$O'Neill M.A.
12:00 00499 Real-Time Visualization of the Role Lipid Composition, Membrane Structure and Antioxidant Chemical Structure Play in the Radical Scavenging Activity of a-tocopherol Krumova K., Freidland S., $Cosa G.
12:20 End of Session

BM4Room 205 C

Cancer Therapeutics (joint with OR1)

Organizer(s) - Louise Edwards; David Uehling; Methvin Issac
Chair(s) - L. Edwards

08:00 00500 Early Stage Kinase Drug Discovery: Strategies for the Design of Novel Kinase Inhibitor Templates Drewry D.H.
08:40 00501 Development of Novel Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulators *$Jha A.
09:00 00502 Novel Non-carcinogenic Estrogen Compounds for Hormone Replacement Therapy *Wright J.S., Shadnia H., Durst T., Asim M., Pratt M.A.C., O'Brien P.J., Katzenellenbogen J.A.
09:20 00503 PARACEST MRI Contrast Agents toward the Detection of Temperature, pH and Enzymatic Activity *Suchy M., Li A.X., Ta R., Pasternak S.H., Bartha R., $Hudson R.H.E.
09:40 00504 A Novel Approach to Disrupting the Action of Histone Methyltransferases in Cancer: Disruption of Effector Protein-Trimethyllysine Interactions *Hof F., Beshara C.S., Daze K.D., Pinter T., Jones C.E., Jana S.
10:00 Coffee Break
10:20 00505 The Kinamcycins and Isoprekinamycin: Antitumour Antibiotics with a Potentially Novel Mode of Action *$Dmitrienko G.I.
11:00 00506 pH-Responsive Molecular Tweezers *$Chain J.L., Gao H., Petitjean A., Leroux J.-C.
11:20 00507 Discovery of Novel ODCase Inhibitors as Anticancer Agents *$Kotra L.P., Paige C.J., Konforte D., Bello A.M., Pai E.F.
11:40 00508 Enaminones (b-aminovinyl ketones) as Potential New Anti-Cancer Molecules *$Culf A.S., Cuperlovic-Culf M., Ouellette R.J.
12:00 00509 Imide-substituted 4-pyrones as Inhibitors of E1 Ubiquitination Wood T.E., *Batey R.A., $Schimmer A.D.
12:20 End of Session

CE6Room 206 E

The Future of Global Chemistry Education

Organizer(s) - Glen Loppnow
Chair(s) - G.R. Loppnow

08:00 00510 Questioning Undergraduate Chemistry Rayner-Canham G.
08:20 00511 Bringing the Human Element back into Chemistry Education Through Interdisciplinary Science *$Loppnow G.R.
08:40 00512 Science Education and Physical Science: Opportunities for Engagement *$Schriver M., Reck S.
09:00 00513 The John Wiley Canada Lecture: Communicating with Students Outside of the Classroom *$Burk R.C.
09:20 00514 Active Learning Pedagogies for the Future of Global Chemistry Education Poe J.C.
09:40 00515 Teaching Strategies for an Interactive Chemistry Classroom *$Wagner B.D.
10:00 Coffee Break
10:20 00516 Think Globally: Study Abroad Opportunities for Science Undergraduates Hoffman M.Z.
10:40 00517 Diversity in Students Armour M.-A.
11:00 00518 Chemistry Education for our Global Future Mahaffy P.G.
11:20 Panel Discussion - Global Chemistry Education

12:20 End of Session

CEPConstitution Hall


Organizer(s) - Andy Dicks
Chair(s) - A.P. Dicks

From 12:20 until 13:40

12:20 00519 A "Universal" Approach to the Periodic Table of the Elements *$Bierenstiel M.
12:20 00520 Determination of Copper in Vitamin Tablets with Flame Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometry: An Analytical Chemistry Undergraduate Course Experiment *Bazzi A., Bazzi J., Deng Y.

Graduate Student Posters - CE

12:20 00521 Synthesis of Silver Nanoprisms and Investigation of Their Optical Properties - An Undergraduate Chemistry Laboratory Experiment Frank A.J., Cathcart N., Maly K.E., Kitaev V.
12:20 00522 How Learning Styles, Chemistry Attitudes and Experiences, and Demographics Affect Academic Success in Students Taking First and Second Year Chemistry Courses *$Ilnicki-Stone E.I., Brindle I.D.
12:20 End of Session

EN2Room 201 B


Organizer(s) - Jennifer Murphy

09:00 00523 Is the Presence of Pharmaceutically Active Compounds in the Environment a Human-Health Risk? Khan U., *Nicell J.
09:20 00524 Chromium Bioaccessibility in Soil, Plants and Mice from a Contaminated Brownfield Site *Koch I., Gibson B., $Reimer K.J.
09:40 00525 Switchable Surfactants Designed for Lower Ecotoxicity Harjani J., Arthur T., Hodson P., $Jessop P.G.
10:00 Coffee Break
10:20 00526 Atmospheric Production of PFCAs by Hydrolysis of a Perfluorinated Ketone Jackson D.A., Young C.J., *$Mabury S.A.
10:40 00527 Solubility of Carbon Dioxide into the Aqueous Mixtures of Methyldiethanolamine with Three Imidazolium-based Ionic Liquids Ahmady A., *Kheireddine Aroua M., $Ali Hashim M.
11:00 00528 Degradation of Acid Blue 129 under Reducing Conditions: An Environmental Perspective Shirin S., *Balakrishnan V.K.
11:20 00529 Gamma-Radiation Induced Carbon Steel Corrosion $Daub K., Zhang X., Noel J.J., *Wren J.C.
11:40 00530 Determination of Formaldehyde in Ambient Air Using Solid Phase Microextraction (SPME) Kanthasamy V., $Ariya P.A.
12:00 00531 Perfluorinated Carboxylic Acids in Directly Fluorinated High Density Polyethylene Material: Extracting a New Source of Human Exposure Rand A., Mabury S.
12:20 End of Session

IC1Room 202 B

Commercial Technologies From Advanced Polymeric Materials (joint with MS3)

Organizer(s) - Karen Moffat; Guerino Sacripante
Chair(s) - K. Moffat

08:40 00532 Synthesis and Characterization of Polysiloxanes Containing g6-arene-g5-Cyclopentadienyliron and Ferrocene Complexes Sezgin S., Winram D.J., *$Abd-El-Aziz A.S.
09:00 00533 Vanadium Bis(imino)pyridine Complexes in Controlled Radical Polymerization *Shaver M.P., Hanhan M.E., Jones M.R. WITHDRAWN
09:20 00534 Polymeric Nanoparticles for Ion Exchange, Encapsulation, and Formulation $Anderson D.J., Dinglasan J., Li F., Pham H., Das A., Loukine N.
10:00 Coffee Break
10:20 00535 Bioactive Paper: A Canadian Innovation Pelton R.
11:00 00536 Rigid Hydrophilic Structures for Improved Properties of Conjugated Polymers in Water and Post-polymerization Strategy for Applications in Biosensing VanVeller B., *$Swager T.M.
11:20 00537 Oil- and Water-repellent Surfaces Xiong D., Duncan S., *Liu G.
11:40 00538 Thermal and Microscopic Characterization of Organoiron Polymethacrylates Vandel M., Basha M., Abdel Latif H., Shipman P.O., Bichler L., Abd-El-Aziz A.S.
12:00 00539 Single Step Synthesis of Narrow Molecular Weight Distribution Poly(styrene-alt-maleic anhydride)-block-Poly(styrene) Block Copolymers by Nitroxide Mediated Polymerization Lessard B., *$Maric M.
12:20 End of Session

IC2Room 203 B

Industry Emerging Technologies and Trends

Organizer(s) - Adrien Cote; Naveen Chopra
Chair(s) - A. Cote; N. Chopra

08:40 00540 Understanding the Chemistry Anchoring Lithographic Pitch Division Processes *Blackwell J.M., Min K., Esswein K., Sulc R., Bristol R., Roberts J., Shykind D., Younkin T.
09:20 00541 New Strategies for Late Transition Metal Atomic Layer Deposition *$Emslie D.J. H., Vidjayacoumar B., Clendenning S.B., Blackwell J.M.
09:40 00542 Competition Between Electrochemical Advanced Oxidation Process and Electrochemical Hypochlorination in Remediation of Acetaminophen and Sulfamethoxazole Wastewaters *$Boudreau J., Bejan D., Bunce N.
10:00 Coffee Break
10:20 00543 Chemical Topcoat Layer Nearly Doubles the Life of Printer Components Dinh K.
11:00 00544 High Nobel Metal-Loaded Inverse Antimony-Doped Metal Oxide Opals Redel E., *Ozin G.A.
11:20 00545 High Throughput Production of Tungsten Bronze Nanoparticles for Curing and Drying Applications Mamak M., Stadler U., Knischka R., Lehmann U., Benkhoff J.
12:00 00546 Novel Biopesticide for the Control of Flies and Darkling Beetles in Industrial Poultry Operations *$Skinner J.D.
12:20 End of Session

IC4Room 202 D

Novel Separations and Detection in Analytical Chemistry: Applications in Academia, Government, and Industry (joint with AN7)

Organizer(s) - Nicole Baryla
Chair(s) - N. Baryla

08:40 See AN7

12:00 End of Session

IN3Room 202 C


Organizer(s) - Robert Morris
Chair(s) - S. Gorelsky

08:00 00547 A New Family of Phosphorescent Heteroleptic Iridium Complexes Based on Aryltriazole Cyclometallating Ligands Ladouceur S., Mathieu F., Fortin D., *$Zysman-Colman E.
08:20 00548 Synthesis and Characterization of Inorganic Dyads Utilizing Charge-separation, with Potential Aplications for Photo-splitting Water or Information Storage Dares C., *Lever A.B.P.
08:40 00549 Perturbation of Mixed-Valence Properties by Azodicyd Bridging Ligands in [{Ru(trpy)(bpy)}2(l-R2R'2-azodicyd)]3+ Complexes $Choudhuri M.M.R., Behzad M., Al-Noaimi M., *Crutchley R.J.
09:00 00550 Hybrid Organic-Inorganic Chromophores for Light-Harvesting Applications Koivisto B.D., Robson K.C. D., *$Berlinguette C.P.
09:20 00551 Triplet State Chromophores in Homogeneous Photocatalytic Reduction of Water *McCormick T.M., Calitree B., Orchard A., Detty M., $Eisenberg R.
09:40 00552 Utilization of Orthometalated Acetophenone Imine Derivatives in Group 4 and 5 Metal Chemistry Beck J.F., Neshat A., Baiz T.I., *$Schmidt J.A. R.
10:00 Coffee Break
10:20 00553 Structure and Electronic Properties of a Niobium(IV)-oxo Complex Incorporating a Redox-active Phthalocyanine Ligand Wong E. W. Y., Walsby C.J., Storr T., *$Leznoff D.B.
10:40 00554 Luminescence Spectroscopy of Square-planar Platinum(II) and Palladium(II) Complexes: Molecular Electronic Structure and Intermolecular Effects Reber C.
11:00 00555 Novel Rare-Earth (La, Sm, Gd, Ho) Antimony Suboxides for Thermoelectricity Wang P.L., Forbes S.H., Kolodiazhnyi T., *$Mozharivskyj Y.
11:20 00556 The Synthesis and Characterization of a Benzoxazolyl-1,2,3,5-dithiadiazolyl Radical (boaDTDA) and Corresponding Mn(II)(hfac)2(boaDTDA) Complex Fatila E.M., *$Preuss K.E., Clerac R., Jennings M., Assoud J.
11:40 00557 The Rhodium Tris-Semiquinone Redox Series; A Density Functional Theory Analysis of Broken Symmetry, Mixed Valence, Species Dodsworth E.S., Tse Y.-H., Lever A.B.P.
12:00 00558 Metal-Radical Approaches Toward High-Spin Molecules with Isolated Ground States *$Lemaire M.T., Revunova K., Adugna S. WITHDRAWN
12:20 End of Session

IN6Room 206 A

Main Group Chemistry

Organizer(s) - Andrew McWilliams
Chair(s) - G. Briand

08:00 00559 Solvolytic Behaviour of F3S«NXeF+ in Anhydrous HF and the Formation of Novel Cations Containing the F4S=N- Ligand Smith G.L., Mercier H.P. A., *$Schrobilgen G.J.
08:20 00560 Investigations of Azobenzenes Functionalized with Heavy Main-Group Elements Elder P.J.W., *Varga-Baca I.
08:40 00561 Complexes of Low Valent Main Group Species with Crown-Ethers and Related Ligands *$Macdonald C.L.B., Bandyopadhyay R., Cooper B.F.T., Friedl W.W., Rupar P.A., Ragogna P.J., Baines K.M., Allan C.J.
09:20 00562 Pnictinopnictonium and Pnicteniumpnictonium Cations $Conrad E., *Burford N.
09:40 00563 Synthesis of Dicationic Group 16 Carbene Analogues Dutton J.L., $Ragogna P.J.
10:00 Coffee Break
10:20 00564 The Involvement of Acidic Impurities in the Chemistry of Chlorophosphazenes *$Tessier C.A., Tun Z.-M., Panzner M.J., Medvetz D.A., Savant D., Scionti V., Rinaldi P.L., Wesdemiotis C., Youngs W.J.
10:40 00565 Theoretical Approach to Understanding the Properties of 5,5'-bis(1,2,3,4-trithiazolium) Dication in (CNSSS)2[A]2 (A = AsF6-, SbF6-, Sb2F11-). A Rare Example of a Simple Non-Sterically Hindered Main Group Diradical that Retains its Paramagnetism in the Solid State Altmannshofer S., Cameron T.S., Decken A., Grein F., Knapp C., *Passmore J., Rautiainen J.M., Scherer W., Shuvaev K.V., Thompson R.C., Wood D.J.
11:00 00566 The Role of Polyphosphorus Units in Transition Metal Chemistry *Scheer M., Dielmann F., Schindler A., Welsch S.
11:40 00567 Synthesis and Applications of Fluorinated Phosphonium Ionic Liquids *$Ragogna P.J., Tindale J.J., Magdzinski E.
12:20 End of Session

IN8Room 206 C

N-heterocyclic Carbene Chemistry

Organizer(s) - Dmitri Goussev
Chair(s) - R. Roesler

08:20 00568 New Stable Carbon-Based Ligands, Novel Catalytic Reactions *$Bertrand G.
09:00 00569 A New Class of N-Heterocyclic Carbenes: N,N'-Diamidocarbenes: Synthesis and Reactivity Hudnall T. W., *$Bielawski C. W.
09:20 00570 Synthesis, Structure and Reactivity of Iridium NHC Pincer Complexes Schultz K.M., Kaminsky W., Goldberg K.I., *Heinekey D.M.
09:40 00571 Synthesis of a Bicyclic Palladacycle with an Abnormal NHC Palladium Bond from a Task Specific Ionic Liquid *$Singer R.D., Naik P.U., Farrell J., Trider C.-L., Bucar D.K., MacGillivray L.R., Pye C.C.
10:00 Coffee Break
10:20 00572 Challenging the Norm: Abnormal Carbene Complexes, Their Reactivity and Their Impact on Catalysis Krüger A., Heckenroth M., Iglesias M., Lalrempuia R., *Albrecht M.
11:00 00573 Rh Complexes of N-Heterocyclic Carbenes and their Reactions with Small Molecules *$Crudden C.M., Praetorius J.M., Cipot-Wechsler J., Keske E., Kennepohl P.
11:20 00574 Relating Structure to Activity: Why NHC Ligands are Ideal for Cross Coupling *$Organ M.G., Çalimsiz S., Sayah M., Hoi K.H., Hopkinson A.C., Froese R.D.J., Mallik D., Dowlet M., Hadei N., Hunter H.N.
11:40 00575 C2-symmetric di-N-Heterocyclic Carbene (NHC) Ligands and their Application in Metal Catalyzed Enantioselective Synthesis *$Veige A.S., Jeletic M.S., Lowry R.J., Jurcak M., Abboud K.A.
12:20 End of Session

IN10Room 205 A

Seminar in Honour of Dick Puddephatt

Organizer(s) - Datong Song
Chair(s) - U. Fekl

08:00 00581 New POCOP-Type Pincer Complexes of Nickel Spasyuk D.M., *$Zargarian D.
08:20 00577 Synthesis and Reactivity of New Group 10 Metal Silyl Pincer Complexes Mitton S.J., $Turculet L.
08:40 00578 Thermodynamics of Carbon-Hydrogen and Carbon-Carbon Bond Activation at Rhodium and Nickel *$Jones W.D.
09:20 00579 Thiophene Activation: Could Quinoline Functionality Help? Tan R., *Song D.
09:40 00580 From Lithium to Uranium with Old and New Diamido-type Ligands Leznoff D.B.
10:00 Coffee Break
10:20 00576 Dimeric POCN(amido)-Type Pincer Complexes of Nickel: Synthesis, Reactivities, and Redox Chemistry Spasyuk D.M., *$Zargarian D.
10:40 00582 Metal Templated Cycloaddition: a 4+2 Cycloaddition of an Alkyne with a Diyne Templated by Mixed Metal Templates *$Sterenberg B.T., Tsui J.A.
11:00 00583 Logical Approaches to High Nuclearity Square [nxn] Poly-metallic Grids; Successes, Properties and Prospects Thompson L.K., Dawe L.N., Shuvaev K.V.
11:20 00584 Silver(I) Ethynediide and Ethynide Complexes Assembled with Multinuclear Metal-ligand Supramolecular Synthons *$Mak T.C.W.
11:40 00585 Silver(I) Coordination Compounds with Heteroaromatic Dinitrile Ligands: Structural Variety by Heteroatom Identity and Orientation of Ligand *$MacKinnon C.D., Andreychuk N.R., D'Aleo D.N., Parent S.L.M., Assoud A.
12:00 00586 Thermal Decomposition Mechanisms for Metal Films: Applications to CVD *$Barry S.T.
Strem Chemicals Award for Pure or Applied Inorganic Chemistry Lecture - Monday, 17:00, Room 205 B D

12:20 End of Session

IN11Room 205 B D

Synthesis and Applications of Boron Compounds (joint with OR12)

Organizer(s) - Robert Batey; Cathleen Crudden

08:00 See OR12

12:20 End of Session

MS3Room 202 B

Commercial Technologies From Advanced Polymeric Materials (joint with IC1)

Organizer(s) - Karen Moffat; Guerino Sacripante
Chair(s) - K. Moffat

08:40 See IC1.

12:20 End of Session

MS7Room 202 A

Polymers and Nanostructures

Organizer(s) - Alex Adronov
Chair(s) - A. Adronov

08:00 00587 Functional Nanomaterials from the Self-Assembly of Polyferrocenylsilane Block Copolymers Manners I.
08:40 00588 Boron-modified Block Copolymers *$Jaekle F., Cui C., Cheng F.
09:00 00589 Controlling the Microstructure and Properties of Materials Through Nonlinear Light Propagation Qiu L., Kasala K., Villafranca A.B., Shimmell W. E., Ponte M.R., Wood N.J., Liko I., *$Saravanamuttu K.
09:20 00590 Nanoencapsulated Conjugated Polymers in Silica Spheres: Properties and Applications Kelly T.L., Yano K., *$Wolf M.O.
10:00 Coffee Break
10:20 00591 J-Type Rosette Nanotubes with Giant Molar Ellipticity Fenniri H.
11:00 00592 Self-Assembly of Modular Giant Biohybrid Amphiphiles Lavigueur C., González García J., Hoogenboom R., Cornelissen J.J.L.M., Nolte R.J.M.
11:20 00593 Dithienophosphole: Seeing Red! Toward Dithienophosphole-Thiophene Copolymers with Small Bandgaps for Organic Solar Cells Krueger R.A., *Sutherland T.C., $Baumgartner T.
11:40 00594 Synthesis and Electrophoretic Deposition of Conjugated Polyelectrolytes and their Complexes with Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes Imin P., Wu K., Pang X., Zhitomirsky I., $Adronov A.
12:00 00595 Deposition of an Anionic Conjugated Poly(phenylenevinylene) onto Silica Nanoparticles via Electrostatic Interactions: Assembly and Single Particle Spectroscopy Ngo A.T., Lau K.L., Quesnel J., *$Cosa G.
12:20 End of Session

MS8Room 206 F

Recent Advances in Organic Electronics

Organizer(s) - Thomas Baumgartner; Warren Piers; Rik Tykwinski
Chair(s) - R. Tykwinski

08:20 Joint with MT6 and OR10. See MT6.

12:20 End of Session

MT1Room 202 B

Commercial Technologies From Advanced Polymeric Materials

Organizer(s) - Karen Moffat; Guerino Sacripante
Chair(s) - K. Moffat

08:40 See IC1

12:20 End of Session

MT3Room 201 E

Inorganic Nanostructured Materials

Organizer(s) - Buriak; Harris
Chair(s) - Buriak; Harris

08:00 00596 Anisotropic Cu(OH)2 Nanostructure Synthesis Templated on Water Microdroplets: Morphology and Size Control1 Bourret G.R., *$Lennox R.B.
08:20 00597 New Rare Earth Precursors Compatible with Solution-based Silicon Nanocrystal Doping Rodríguez Núńez J.R., *$Veinot J.G.C.
08:40 00598 Molecular Rods, Squares and Cages of 4,7-bis(4-pyridyl)benzochalcogenadiazoles: Photophysical and Electrochemical Properties *Hassan M.R., $Boeré R.T.
09:00 00599 In Situ EXAFS and NMR Study of Colloidally Stable Dispersions of Ultrathin Bismuth Sulfide Nanowires Thomson J.W., MacDonald M., Zhang P., *$Ozin G.A.
09:20 Teri Odom

10:00 Coffee Break
10:20 00600 Nanometric Inks for Identification and Neutralization of Explosive Peroxides *$Apblett A.W., Barber K.N., Bussan D., Materer N.F.
10:40 00601 Photonic Nose: Odours and Structural Colour Bonifacio L.D., Puzzo D.P., Breslav S., Willey B.M., McGeer A., *Ozin G.A.
11:00 00602 Nanocomposites for Photovoltaic Applications $Medina-Gonzalez Y., Farhanghi N., Chen B., Xu W., *Charpentier P.
11:20 00603 Room Temperature Synthesis of Magnetite Nanoparticles Yathindranath V., *$Hegmann T., van Lierop J., Miller D. W., Moore D. F.
11:40 00604 Preparation of Small Silica Nanoparticles with a Narrow Particle Size Distribution using a Modified Stöber Process Dong H., Brennan J.
12:00 00605 Preparation and Characterization of High Quality Nontoxic CuInS2 Nanocrystals Zhong H.Z., *$Scholes G.D., Lo S.
12:20 End of Session

MT6Room 206 F

Recent Advances in Organic Electronics (joint with OR10)

Organizer(s) - Thomas Baumgartner; Warren Piers; Rik Tykwinski
Chair(s) - R. Tykwinski

08:20 00606 Poly(squaramide): A "Turn-On" Fluorescent Anion Chemosensor Rostami A., Wei C.J., *Taylor M.S.
08:40 00607 Selenium and Tellurium-Based Optoelectronic Materials *$Seferos D.S.
09:00 00608 Large Scale Crystallinity in Kinetically Stable Polythiophene-Based Langmuir-Blodgett Films Mattu J.S., *$Leach G.W.
09:20 00609 New Conjugated Polymers for Solar Cells Leclerc M.
10:00 Coffee Break
10:20 00610 Groundwork for the Controlled Chemical Synthesis of Uniform Carbon Nanotubes *$Scott L.T.
11:00 00611 Towards the Artificial Nose for the Detection of Carbonyl Species Deore B., Wayner D.D.M., *$Diaz-Quijada G.A.
11:20 00612 New Old Polythiophenes *$Perepichka D.F.
12:00 00613 Spin-Delocalized Conjugated Alternating Copolymers: Organic Magnetic Semiconductors *$Frank N.L., Yan B., Dooley B., Zsombor M., Samanta S.
12:20 End of Session

OR1Room 205 C

Cancer Therapeutics (joint with BM4)

Organizer(s) - Louise Edwards; David Uehling; Methvin Issac
Chair(s) - L. Edwards

08:00 See BM4

12:20 End of Session

OR6Room 206 B D

Modern Physical Organic Chemistry

Organizer(s) - Fraser Hof
Chair(s) - S. Eisler

08:00 00614 Mechanistic Study of the Formation of Silene/Silylene Intermediates in a Catalytic Chemical Vapor Deposition Process *$Shi Y.J., Tong L.
08:20 00615 Study of Steric and Electronic Effects on the Reactivities of Transient Diarylsilylenes by Laser Flash Photolysis Methods Bhattacharya A., *$Leigh W.J.
08:40 00616 Supramolecular Assistance in Catalysis *$Schmitzer A.R., Gauchot V., Lacour M., Leclercq L.
09:00 00617 Explosives Detection with 9,10-Dihydroacridine Derivatives Andrew T.L., *$Swager T.M.
09:20 00618 'Remote-Control' Photo-Release of 'Caged' Compounds Using Near Infrared Light and Upconverting Nanoparticles $Carling C.-J., Nourmohammodian F., Boyer J.-C., *Branda N.R.
09:40 00619 A Glimpse into the Labs at the Xerox Research Centre of Canada Chretien M.N., Heuft M.A.
10:00 End of Session

OR10Room 206 F

Recent Advances in Organic Electronics (joint with MT6)

Organizer(s) - Thomas Baumgartner; Warren Piers; Rik Tykwinski
Chair(s) - R. Tykwinski

08:20 See MT6.

12:20 End of Session

OR11Room 206 B D

Recent Developments in Heterocyclic Chemistry

Organizer(s) - Andre M. Beauchemin
Chair(s) - M. Gravel

10:20 00620 "Aromatic Ring Umpolung", a Rapid Access to the Main Core of Several Heterocyclic Natural Products Canesi S.
11:00 00621 Rhodium(III) Catalyzed Intermolecular Hydro(hetero)arylation of Alkynes *Schipper D.J., Hutchinson M., $Fagnou K.
11:20 00622 Iridium-catalyzed Intramolecular Hydroamination of Aminoalkenes: Scope and Mechanism Hesp K.D., $Stradiotto M.
11:40 00623 Redox Neutral Reaction Cascades *$Seidel D.
12:20 End of Session

OR12Room 205 B D

Synthesis and Applications of Boron Compounds (joint with IN11)

Organizer(s) - Robert Batey; Cathleen Crudden

08:00 00624 Synthesis and Reactivity of Chiral "Frustrated Lewis Pair" Complexes Heiden Z.M., *$Stephan D. W.
08:20 00625 Boron Chelate Complexes of Indigo Derivatives *$Nawn G., Hicks R.G.
08:40 00626 A Diversity of Metal-Ligand Interactions in Halide (X = I, Br, Cl, F) and Halide-Free Ambiphilic Ligand Rhodium Complexes Cowie B.E., *Emslie D.J.H.
09:00 00627 Synthesis, Characterization, and Chemical Bonding of Metal Amidoborane Complexes *Wolstenholme D.J., McGrady G.S.
09:20 00628 Mechanistic Studies of Catalyzed Amine-Borane Dehydrogenation Baker R.T.
10:00 Coffee Break
10:20 00629 Chemical Synthesis of Sidewall Segments of Carbon Nanotubes: Cycloparaphenylenes and Related Carbon Nanorings *$Itami K.
11:00 00630 Transition Metal Complex-Catalyzed Dehydrogenation of Amine-Boranes in Ionic Liquids $Wright W.R.H., *Baker R.T., Sneddon L.G.
11:20 00631 Photochromic Organoboron Compounds *$Wang S., Baik C., Amarne H., Murphy S., Hudson Z.M.
12:00 00632 Borohydrides from Hantzsch's Esters Webb J.D., *Laberge V.S., $Crudden C.M.
12:20 End of Session

ORPConstitution Hall


Organizer(s) - Mark S. Taylor
Chair(s) - M. Taylor

From 12:20 until 13:40

Poster sessions are from 12:20 - 13:40 and 17:40 - 19:20.

12:20 00633 Novel Organosilicas - Design, Synthesis and Catalysis MacQuarrie S.M., Cross E., Fraser C., Larade M., MacLean C., Sponagle B, Tait M.
12:20 00634 Synthesis of Novel Cyclodextrin Derivatives for Liquid Crystal Studies Ward S, $Ling C.C.
12:20 00635 Electrochemical Oxidations of Cyclic and Acyclic Thioureas *$Khare R., Ralhan N.K.
12:20 00636 Photoisomerization of Bis-azobenzene and its Effects on Structural Changes of Peptides and Proteins $Samanta S., Woolley G.A.ndrew
12:20 00637 Recognition of Anions and Neutral Guests by Dicationic Pyridine-2,6-dicarboxamide Receptors Dorazco-González A., *Höpfl H., Medrano F., $Yatsimirsky A.
12:20 00638 Probing the Structure and Stability of the Covalently Bound HCN and HNC Dimers Using Neutralization-Reionization Mass Spectrometry and Computations Jobst K.J., *Terlouw J.K.
12:20 00639 Photochemcial Synthesis of Aryl Trifluorophthalonitriles and their Phthalocyanine Derivatives *$Nolan K., Murphy B., Oelgemoeller M.
12:20 00640 Electrochemical Oxidations of Cyclic and Acyclic Thioureas *$Khare R., Ralhan N.K.
12:20 00641 Late Stage Modification of Cyclic Peptides Rai V., Hili R., *$Yudin A.K.
12:20 00642 A Strategy for the Synthesis of [n]Phenacenes ­ Potential Precursors to Voegtle Aromatic Belts Gandikota V.R., Unikela K.S., *$Bodwell G.J.
12:20 00643 Mixed Glycoluril/Crown Ether Cage: Synthesis and Properties of Self-assembly at Water/Air Interface Vidal M., Kairouz K., *Schmitzer A.
12:20 00644 Development of Catalytic Enantioselective Intramolecular Alkylations of Oxazolidinone Imides St. Denis J.D., *$Gleason J.L
12:20 00645 Testing the Functional Tolerance of the Piers-Rubinsztajn Reaction: A New Strategy for the Synthesis of Functional Silicones Grande J.B., $Brook M.A.
12:20 00646 Insights into Palladium Catalyzed Difunctionalization with Two Distinct Nucleophiles Webb J.D., Jensen K.H., *Sigman M.S.
12:20 00647 Reactivity of Poleolfins Towards t-Butoxyl Radical: Regioselectivity of Hydrogen Atom Transfer Garrett G.E., *Pratt$ D., $Parent$ J.S.
12:20 00648 Novel Frustrated Lewis Acid/Base Pairs and the Activation of Small Molecules Peuser I., Kehr G., Fröhlich R., *Erker G.
12:20 00649 Boron Based Approach Towards Asymmetric Arylation of Enones Niljianskul N., Turner H., *Chong J.M.
12:20 00650 Synthesis of Thieno[2,3-b]pyridines and Their Derivatives with Potential Bioactivity Ibe J.C., $Lam A., *Mikhaylichenko S.

Graduate Student Posters - General OR

12:20 00651 Iron (III) Amine-bis(phenolate) Complexes as Catalysts for the Alkylation of Aryl Grignard Reagents Qian X., *$Kozak C.M.
12:20 00652 Brassinosteroids: New Synthetic Strategy and Neuroprotective Activity *Ismaili J., $Daoust B., Martinoli M.-G., Longpré F.
12:20 00653 Enzyme-assisted Asymmetrization of Racemic Substituted 1,3-Propanediols Melanson J., Youssef D., Deveau M., Richards J., Huang P.-J.J., Mukherjee C., *$Jha A.
12:20 00654 Synthesis of b-lactones Zepeda-Velázquez C.A., *Khandker J.A., $Harrison P.H.M.
12:20 00655 Mechanistic Investigations of a Dual Catalytic System: The FeCl3/Imidazolidinone Catalyzed Oxyamination of Aldehydes Van Humbeck J.F., Simonovich S.P., *$MacMillan D. W. C.
12:20 00656 Novel Boron-catalyzed Reactivity Lee D., $Taylor M.S.
12:20 00657 Synthesis of (S)-Homocitric Acid Lactone and an Approach to (+)-Lycoperdic Acid Involving Organocatalysis Dyapa R., Adsool S., *$Pansare S.V.
12:20 00658 Ortho-metallated Acetophenone Imine Derivatives as Ligands for Group I, II, XI and XII Metals Beck J.F., *Schmidt J.A.R.
12:20 00659 Asymmetric Conjugate Addition of Alkenylstannanes to Alkylidene Meldrum's Acids Mahoney S.J., Dumas A.M., Lau C.T., *$Fillion E.
12:20 00660 Foldamers Based on Formamidine Motifs Zhao W., Xing L., *$Petitjean A.
12:20 00661 Umbrella-rotaxanes: Towards New Vehicles for Drugs Delivery Chhun C., *Schmitzer A.R.
12:20 00662 Design of Gold Monolayer Cluster Supported Organocatalysts Abeysekera S.D., *$MaGee D.I.
12:20 00663 F-BODIPY Deprotection and Modification Crawford S.M., Thompson A.
12:20 00664 Multicomponent Domino Synthesis of Tetrasubstituted Alkenes through Multiple C-H Functionalization Chai D., Kersten G., Bieler N., *Lautens M.
12:20 00665 Organocatalytic Tether Formation: A Strategy Enabling Directed Intermolecular Amination Reactions MacDonald M.J., Ng P.J., $Beauchemin A.M.
12:20 00666 Synthesis and Clathrates of Unprecedented Oligomeric 7-tert-butyl-2-naphthoide Macrocycles AlHujran T., Dawe L.N., *$Georghiou P.E.
12:20 00667 Preliminary Studies Toward the Development of a General Gold(I)-Catalyzed 6-endo-dig Carbocyclization Barabé F., Bellavance G., Levesque P., $Barriault L.
12:20 00668 Synthesis and Self-Assembling Properties of Amide Functionalized Conjugated Macrocycles *Eisler S., $Bubar A.
12:20 00669 Efficient Catalytic Cleavages of P=S Containing Phosphorothioate Triesters by ortho-Palladated Complexes in Methanol: A Mechanistic Investigation Liu C.T., Maxwell C.I., Neverov A.A., Mosey N.J., Brown R.S.
12:20 00670 Trichloroethylene as a Template for the Modular Construction of Polysubstituted Electron-Rich Alkenes, Dienes, Trienes and Enynes Geary L.M., *Hultin P.G.
12:20 00671 Novel bis-N-sulfinylhydrazines and their Hydrogen-Bonding Patterns Beylis I., *$Muchall H.M.
12:20 00672 Design of a New 1,3-Dipolar Cycloaddition Reagent Morin M.S.T., St-Cyr D., *Arndtsen B.A.
12:20 00673 Palladium Catalyzed Carbonylation of Aryl Iodides. A Simple and Modular Approach to Nitrogen-Containing Heterocycles Quesnel J.S., Bontemps S., *$Arndtsen B.A.
12:20 00674 Intramolecular Cycloadditions and Rearrangements of N-Heterocyclic Carbenes Legault M.C.B., *Moran J., $Pezacki J.P.
12:20 00675 Palladium Catalyzed Multi-component Synthesis of Imidazolines from Imines and Acid Chlorides Xu B., Worrall K., *$Arndtsen B.A.
12:20 00676 Investigating Enantioselectivity and Diastereoselectivity in the Buchwald-Hartwig Reaction Through Desymmetrization of Malonamide Derivatives Matarazzo A., Wylie R.S., *$Viirre R.D.
12:20 00677 The Synthesis of Self Assembled Monolayers Containing Interlocked Molecules Bolla M.A., Carmichael T.B., $Loeb S.J.
12:20 00678 Activation of Cyclopropanes towards Nucleophilic Ring Opening Using Internal Brřnsted Acids Emmett M.R., *Sapeta K.A., $Kerr M.A.
12:20 00679 Postsynthetic Modifications to a Microporous Organic Framework Kerneghan P.A., *Maly K.E.
12:20 00680 Recognition of Halide Anions in Dilute Solution by tridentate Halogen Bond Donor Golam Sarwar M., *$Taylor M.
12:20 00681 Novel Two-Step Synthesis for 2-Aminopyridine and 2-Aminothiophene Synthons Mancuso J., Lin Y.S., Langille A.M., *Tsantrizos Y.S.
12:20 00682 Investigating a Secondary Oxidative Pathway of C-8 Phenolic Deoxyguanosine Adducts $Witham A., *Manderville R.
12:20 00683 Enantioselective Ketone Hydroacylation - Synthesis of Nitrogen-containing Medium-ring Lactones Khan H.A., *$Dong V.M.
12:20 00684 New One Pot Tandem Pericyclic Oxy-Cope/Claisen/Ene/Diels-Alder Sow B., Poulin J., Maclean R., *Barriault L.
12:20 00685 Toward the Control of Three-Dimensional Molecular Structure: Characterization of a Conjugated 1,3,5-Triazine-Based Molecular Switch $Conn G., *Eisler S.
12:20 00686 Application of Chiral Auxiliaries Towards the Total Synthesis of Quebrachamine and Goniomitine Machin B.P., *Bajtos B., $Pagenkopf B.L.
12:20 00687 Exploration of Siloles as Intermediates in Organic Synthesis Stevens A.C., *$Pagenkopf B.L.
12:20 00688 New Strategies for the Palladium-Catalyzed Direct Arylation Allowing Milder Reaction Conditions *René O., Fagnou K.
12:20 00689 Syntheses of Substituted Acetylenic Sulfones *Hossain M.S., $Schwan A.L.
12:20 00690 Competition Kinetics of Oxygen-Centered Radical Cyclizations Leung J.C. T., *Rueda Becerril M., $Sammis G.M.
12:20 00691 Development of Conjugated Copolymers for Carbon Nanotube-Based Solar Cells *Kraft T.M., Aldea G., Buncel E., $Nunzi J.-M.

Synthesis and Applications of Boron Compounds

12:20 00692 Suzuki Cross-Coupling Reactions of Functionalized 1-Phenylpyrazoles Arbaciauskiene E., Holzer W., *Sackus A.
12:20 00693 Broadening the Scope of Cross-Coupling Reactions with Chiral Secondary Boronic Esters $Laberge V.S., Glasspoole B. W., Imao D., *Crudden C.M.
12:20 00694 Boronic Acid-Catalysed Friedel - Crafts Allylation, Benzylation and Propargylation Reactions *$McCubbin J.A., Hosseini H., Nassar C.
12:20 00695 Imine Hydrogenation with Metal-Free Catalysts based on Frustrated Lewis Pairs *Chase P.A., Sargent J.R., Resendes R., $Stephan D.W., Graham T.W., Greenburg S.
12:20 00696 Palladium Catalyzed Suzuki Coupling Of Secondary Boronic Esters With Retention Of Configuration: Mechanistic Studies and the Development of More Active Catalytic Systems Lu Y., *Crudden C.

Recent Developments in Heterocyclic Chemistry

12:20 00697 Unexpected Benzothiopyran Dioxides from Selected Benzyl Alkynyl Sulfones. Evidence for an Allenyl-to-aryl Anion Translocation *$Schwan A.L., Hossain M.S.
12:20 00698 The Carbon-Chlorine Bond as an Activating and Protecting Group in Palladium-Catalyzed Direct Arylation of Heteroaromatics *Liégault B., Petrov I., Gorelsky S.I., $Fagnou K.
12:20 00699 Supported Combinatorial Synthesis of Pyrrolo[3,2-e][1,4]diazepin-2-ones $Boutard N., Duffour-Gallant J., Deaudelin P., *Lubell W.D.
12:20 00700 A Versatile Synthetic Platform Based on Strained Propargyl Amines He Z., *$Yudin A.K.
12:20 00701 Domino Rhodium-catalysed Reactions for the Efficient Synthesis of Polysubstituted Benzofurans and Indoles Boyer A., Isono N., Lackner S., *$Lautens M.
12:20 00702 Verdazyl Cycloadditions and Subsequent Rearrangements: A Synthesis of Oxadiazolones Bancerz M., $Georges M.K.
12:20 00703 Synthesis and Photochromism of Benzo[e]indolo[2,1-b][1,3]benzoxazine Derivatives *Krikstolaityte S., Sackus A., Steponaviciute R., Martynaitis V., Barkauskas M., Vengris M.
12:20 00704 Synthesis of a Tetracyclic Variant of the G-C Motif for the Self-Assembly of Rosette Nanotubes with 1.7 nm Inner Diameter Beingessner R., Borzsonyi G., Yamazaki T., Kovalenko A., *$Fenniri H.
12:20 00705 Synthesis of New Morpholine Derivatives of Phencyclidine with More Analgesic Effects *$Ahmadi A., Khalili M., Naserbakht M., Javadi M.
12:20 00706 1-[1-(2-methylphenyl) (cyclohexyl)]-3-piperidinol as a New Derivative of Phencyclidine; Synthesis and Analgesic Effects on Mice *$Ahmadi A., Solati J., Onagh M., Javadi M.
12:20 00707 Synthesis and Study on Analgesic Effects of New Pyrrole Derivatives of Phencyclidine *$Ahmadi A., Solati J., Pakzad S., Javadi M.

Graduate Student Posters - Recent Developments in Heterocyclic Chemistry

12:20 00708 Synthesis of b-Aminocarbonyls Groups from Aminocarbonylation of Alkenes with Aminoisocyanates $Clavette C., Roveda J.-G., Gorelsky S., *Beauchemin A.M.
12:20 00709 Investigations Involving Pyrrole-Bound Ruthenium Complexes Jackson C.L.M., Al-Shiekh Ali A., *Thompson A.
12:20 00710 Synthesis of 5-Azaindoles via a Cycloaddition Reaction Between Nitriles and Donor-Acceptor Cyclopropanes Moustafa M.M.A., *Pagenkopf B.L.
12:20 00711 Transformations of Unprotected N-H Aziridines Containing a Diazo Group Decker S., $Yudin A.K.

Organic Synthesis: Stereocontrol

12:20 00712 [4+2] Cycloaddition of Donor-Acceptor Cyclobutanes and Aldimines: Stereoselective Synthesis of Piperidine Moustafa M.M.A., *Pagenkopf B.L.
12:20 00713 The First Total Synthesis of Aspergillusol A, an Alpha Glucosidase Inhibitor *$Ullah N., Haladu S.A.
12:20 00714 Lewis-Acid Catalyzed Chemoslelective S-benzylation of Indoline-2-thiones Using Benzyl Alcohols *$Jha M., Enaohwo O.
12:20 00715 Synthesis of p-enriched Phenylalanine Derivatives, and Peptide Coupling of Protected 2-Pyrrolylalanine for the Study of the Influence of Aromatic Density on Prolyl Amide Isomer Population *Dörr A.A., Lubell W.D.
12:20 00716 Regioselective Arylation of Fluorenone Skeleton via Combined Ru- and Pd-Catalyzed Suzuki Cross Coupling Reactions da Silva A.J.M., *$Snieckus V.
12:20 00717 4-Methoxy-2,2'-Bipyrroles: Synthesis, Spectroelectrochemical, and Photophysical Investigation Tshibaka T., Roche I.U., Dufresne S., Lubell W.D., Skene W.G.
12:20 00718 An Investigation Using Methyl Methylenenitronate within the Henry Reaction Pilgrim A., MacDonald F.K., *$Pottie I.R.
12:20 00719 Investigations into the Synthesis of Natural and Unnatural Acyldepsipeptides; A New Class of Antibiotic Drugs Goodreid J.D., *Cossette M., $Batey R.A.
12:20 00720 Synthesis of Substituted Oxazoles by Ritter Reaction of a-Oxo Tosylates Lai P.-S., *Taylor M.S.
12:20 00721 Palladium-Catalyzed Domino Direct Arylation/N-Arylation Blanchot M., Candito D.A., Larnaud F., Sumida Y., *Lautens M.
12:20 00722 Use of Oxidized Piperidine Trimers in Formal [4+2] Cycloadditions Cheung L., $Yudin A.K.
12:20 00723 New Developments on the Oxo-Povarov Reaction Taylor R.R.R., *$Batey R.A.
12:20 00724 Towards the Total Synthesis and Stereochemical Assignment of a Sesquiterpene Isolated from the Coral Clavularia inflata var. luzoniana Bechara W.S., Marcoux D., *Charette A.B.
12:20 00725 N-Alkenyl Aziridines in Organic Synthesis Afagh N., $Yudin A.K.
12:20 00726 Toward the Synthesis of the Diphthamide: A Post-translationally Modified Histidine Amino Acid *Singh S.P., Michaelides A., $Schwan A.L.
12:20 00727 Toward the Synthesis of Aplysamine 6 using Microwave-Assisted Continuous Organic Synthesis (MACOS) Achanta S., Liautard V., Paugh R., *$Organ M.G.
12:20 00728 Total Synthesis of Linoxepin Suhartono M., *$Lautens M.
12:20 00729 Diastereoselective Benzylic Arylation of Tetralins via Friedel-Craft Reactions Liébert C., Brinks M., Davoust M., Hitching J., Krämer K., *Lautens M.
12:20 00730 Synthesis and Initial Evaluation of Pd-PEPPSI-SIPent *$Organ M.G., Mallik D., Tsimerman M.
12:20 00731 Tetrathiafulvalene Vinylogues Based Molecular Tweezers $Chen G., Bouzan S., *Zhao Y.
12:20 00732 Synthesis of an Optically Pure Sulfinate and its Utility in the Asymmetric Synthesis of Chiral Pyrrole-containing Diarylsulfoxides Imam Uddin M., M. Pearce B., *Thompson A.
12:20 00733 Synthesis of Enantioenriched Allenes from 1,1-Cyclopropanediesters $Cérat P., Gritsch P.J., Goudreau S.R., *Charette A.B.
12:20 00734 Selectivity in Reaction Between Benzyl Bromide and Potassium Cyanide in Presence of Alumina and Activated Method *Le Ngoc T., $Le Hoang Tan D.
12:20 00735 Pd-PEPPSI-IPent: Low temperature Negishi Cross-Couplings for the Preparation of Highly Functionalized, Tetra-Ortho-Substituted Biaryls Calimsiz S., Sayah M., *$Organ M.G.
12:20 00736 High Yielding Aminations of Aryl Chlorides Mediated by a Highly-active and Sterically-demanding Pd-NHC Precatalyst: Pd-PEPPSI-iPent *$Organ M.G., Hoi K.H., Calimsiz S.
12:20 00737 Quarternary Salts - Good Synthons in Synthesis of Sym-triazine Derivatives with Wide Spectrum of Biological Activity $Mikhaylichenko S.N., Zaplishnyy V.N.
12:20 00738 Homoallyl as a Nitrogen Protecting Group for the GC Base Diaz J., Beingessner R., Hemraz U.D., Moralez J.G., Azizul H., *$Fenniri H.
12:20 00739 Strategies Towards the Synthesis of GC Base Nucleotides Diaz J., Moralez J.G., Azizul H., *$Fenniri H
12:20 00740 The Use of Silica-bound Reagents in the Preparation of Biologically Useful Compounds *$Priefer R., Grenga P.N., Sumbler B.L., Rudzinski D.M.
12:20 00741 Iron-Catalyzed Coupling of 2-Bromofuran with Grignard Reagents Haner J., *Tam W.
12:20 00742 Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of Selena- and Thiadiazoles Derived from Naturally Occurring Furochromone (Khellin and Visnagin) Atta S.M. Sh., Farrag D.S., El-sayed A.M. K., *Abdel-Rahman A.H.
12:20 00743 Study on Expected Biologically Active Tertiary Amine N-Oxide *$Hanna S.

Graduate Student Posters - Organic Synthesis: Stereocontrol

12:20 00744 A Novel Intramolecular [4+1] Reaction Utilizing Fischer Aminocarbenes for the Synthesis of Bicyclic N-Heterocycles D. Lefebvre L.-P., *Spino C.
12:20 00745 Organocatalytic Aldol Reactions of Dioxanones: Stereocontrolled Approach Towards Hyacinthacine Alkaloids Delawarally K., *Majewski M.
12:20 00746 Regioselectivity in Ruthenium-catalyzed [2+2] Cycloadditions of 2-Aza-3-Oxobicyclo[2.2.1]hept-5-enes with Unsymmetrical Alkynes Durham R., *$Tam W.
12:20 00747 Enantioselective Rhodium(II)-Catalyzed Cyclopropanation of Alkenes with a-EWG Diazoacetophenones: PMP-Ketones as Stereoselectivity Controllers $Lindsay V.N.G., *Charette A.B.
12:20 00748 Intramolecular Nicholas Reaction Approach to Dibenzocyclooctenes Djurdjevic S., *$Green J.R.
12:20 00749 A Traceless Chiral Auxiliary for Asymmetric Aldol Reactions Halperin S.D., *$Britton R.
12:20 00750 Anomalous Heck Reaction of Tertiary Allylic Alcohols under Oxidative Conditions Rosa D., *$Orellana A.
12:20 00751 Rh (I) Catalyzed Cycloisomerization of Oxabicycles Kouchekzadeh Yazdi S., *Webster R., $Lautens M.
12:20 00752 Synthesis of 6-alken-1-ones from Cyclobutyl Allyl Carbonates Chtchemelinine A., *$Orellana A.

The Chemistry and Biology of Natural Products

12:20 00753 Microwave-Assisted, Continuous Flow Organic Synthesis of Benzofused Sultams by a 'Click/Cyclize' Strategy Ullah F., Samarakoon T., Rolfe A., Kurtz R.D., Hanson P.R., *$Organ M.G.
12:20 00754 Novel Triterpenoidal Alkaloids from Buxus natalensis and thier Enzyme Inhibitory Activities Matochko W., James A., *$Ata A., Gengan R.
12:20 00755 Natural Products from Matricaria chamomilla and their Biological Activities Iverson C.D., Yimeng L., *$Ata A.


12:20 00756 Modular Construction of DNA Nanotubes of Tunable Geometry, Stiffness, Well-Defined Length, Loading and Selective Release of Cargo Abilities Lo P.K., $Sleiman H.F.
12:20 00757 Fast Assembly of Block Copolymer Achieved by Solvent-assisted Microwave Annealing Zhang X., Harris K.D., Wu N., *Buriak J.M.
12:20 00758 Synthetic Studies Towards the Functionalization of a Tetracyclic Variant of the G^C Motif Alsbaiee A., Borzsonyi G., *$Fenniri H.
12:20 00759 Very Strong Hydrogen Bonding in Double Helical AAA-DDD Complexes Mudraboyina B., Wang H.-B., $Wisner J.A.
12:20 00760 The Hydrogen-bonded Complex of 2,6-Diaminopyridinium Cation with an Azonaphthyridine Wang H.-B., Newbury R., $Wisner J.A.
12:20 00761 New Organic Ligands for Gold Nanoparticles - A Comparative Study *$Eichhorn S.H., Iqbal M., Carmichael T.B., San Juan R.R.
12:20 00762 Expanding the Functionality of Upconverting Nanoparticles through Surface Modifications Boyer J.C., Gates B.D., *$Branda N.R.

Graduate Student Posters - Nanochemistry

12:20 00763 Altering the Physical Properties of Monolayer Protected Gold Nanoparticles Using a Photoswitchable Pyridyl-Azobenzene Hadadpour M., *Workentin M.S.

Modern Physical Organic Chemistry

12:20 00764 Laser Flash Photolysis of Chromophore-functionalized Gold Nanoparticles: Size-dependant Transient Behavior of Triplet Excited State Ismaili H., *Workentin M.S., Kostina S., Guterman R., Leigh W.J.
12:20 00765 Spectroscopic and Binding Studies of Dansyl-based Fluorescent Sensors for Transition Metals *$Al-Sayah M.H., El-Chami T.M., Shehab M.K.
12:20 00766 A Theoretical Study of the Copper (II) Carboxylate-Promoted Aminooxygenation of Unactivated Olefins Belding L., *Dudding T., Paderes M., $Chemler S.
12:20 00767 Asymmetric Ring-closing Metathesis Using Chiral C1-Symmetric Ru-based Catalysts Timperio J., Stenne B., *Dudding T., $Collins S.K.
12:20 00768 Theoretical Studies of the Asymmetric Lithiation of Pyrroloimidazolinones Taban K., *Dudding T., Xu S., Metallinos C.
12:20 00769 Rotational Barriers and Bond Controversy: A Computational Study of 28 Bisaromatic Systems Kamstra R.L., *$Mawhinney R.C.
12:20 00770 Toward the Development of Biocaptors Based on Ionic Liquids Branca M., *Schmitzer A.R., Masson J.-F.

Graduate Student Posters - Modern Physical Organic Chemistry

12:20 00771 A Blue Shifted Violet H-Aggregate That Is Orange Mooi S.M., Heyne B.
12:20 00772 Novel BODIPY Dyes with Tunable Redox-properties and Functionalities for Further Tethering: Preparation, Electrochemical and Spectroscopic Characterization Krumova K., $Cosa G.
12:20 00773 Whilte Light Emission from Cucurbituril Complexes of Acridizinium Cations in Water and Hydrogels Fraser A.J., *$Macartney D.H.
12:20 00774 Towards Water-soluble Peroxyl Radical Clocks Dhanoa R., $Pratt D.A.
12:20 00775 Cucurbit[7]uril Complexes of Flavylium Cations in Aqueous Solution MacGillivray B.C., *$Macartney D.H.
12:20 00776 Synthesis and Physical Characterization of Stable Sulfenic and Selenenic Acids McGrath A.J., $Pratt D.A.
12:20 End of Session

PT1Room 203 D


Organizer(s) - G. Walker
Chair(s) - D. Waldeck

08:00 00777 Development of Nanoholes-Based Sensors for Early Dection of Ovarian Cancer Chou Y.W., Duan X.B., Sinton D., Gordon R., Brolo A.G.
08:20 00778 The Effect of the Geometric Parameter on the Sensitivity of Nanohole Arrays Valsecchi C., Raman M., $Brolo A.
08:40 00779 Plasmonic, Surface-Enhanced Raman Scattering, Surface-Enhanced Fluorescence and Single Molecule Detection *$Aroca R.F., Moula G., Guerrero A.
09:20 00780 Plotting Cellular Cartography with Plasmonic Nanoparticles *$Tay L.-L., Kennedy D., Pezacki J.P., Hulse J.E.
10:00 Coffee Break
10:20 00781 Development of Biosensors Based on Long-Range Surface Plasmons *$Berini P.
11:00 00782 Trapezoidal Dual-Function Plasmonic Waveguide Xu M.Y.-C., *$Aitchison J.S.
11:20 00783 Silver Nanoparticles on a Plastic Patform for Bio-sensing Fan M.K., *Brolo A.G.
11:40 00784 Nanoparticles and Fungi - A Recipe for Novel Data Acquisition *$Gough K.M., Kaminskyj S.G.W, Isenor M.
12:20 End of Session

PT2Room 201 D

Coherence and Decoherence in Molecular Dynamics

Organizer(s) - Paul Brumer
Chair(s) - R. Kapral

08:40 00785 Reducing or Avoiding Decoherence to Improve Optical and Magnetic Resonance Molecular Imaging *$Warren W.S., Fischer M.F., Branca R.T.
09:20 00786 Interfering With Molecular Dynamics Principles and Applications *$Dantus M., Pestov D., Lozovoy VV.
10:00 Coffee Break
10:20 00787 Physical/Theoretical Coherence Presentation (Title to come) Hochstrasser R.M.
11:00 00788 Coherent Multiple-Quantum Multidimensional Spectroscopy of Exciton Correlations Nelson K.A.
11:40 00789 Quantum-coherent Energy Transfer by Marine Cryptophyte Algae *$Scholes G.D.
12:20 End of Session

PT3Room 201 C

Electrochemistry and Electrocatalysis

Organizer(s) - Gregory Jerkiewicz; Michael Eikerling

08:00 See AN4

12:20 End of Session

PT7Room 201 A

Solid State NMR: Methods and Applications

Organizer(s) - David Bryce; Gillian Goward
Chair(s) - Y. Huang

08:20 00790 Sorting Structural Reality from the Artifacts: In Search of Membrane Protein Functional Understanding *$Cross T.A., Sharma M., Busath D.D., Zhou H.-X.
09:00 00791 Structural Studies of Amyloid Fibrils, Neurotoxic Oligomers, and Other Peptide Assemblies by Solid State NMR *$Sharpe S.J., Walsh P., Yau J., Simonetti K.
09:20 00792 Structure and Dynamics of Membrane Proteins Studied by Solid State NMR *Ladizhansky V., Shi L., Kawamura I., Ward M., Lake E., Ahmed M., Brown L.
09:40 00793 Oxygen-17 NMR Spectroscopy of Proteins *$Wu G.
10:00 Coffee Break
10:20 00794 PFG-MAS Diffusion Microscopy of Lipid Rafts *$Spence M.M.
11:00 00795 Multiple Quantum Filter NMR Methods for Determining Water Environments in Hydrated Membranes *$Ooms K.J., Blackburn M., Vanderveen J., O'Neill N.
11:20 00796 Diffusion NMR and Bicelle Morphology *$Macdonald P.M.
11:40 00797 Solid-State 115In NMR of Indium Low-Oxidation State Complexes Hamaed H., Cooper B.F.T., Ye E., Terskikh V.V., Macdonald C.L.B, *$Schurko R.W
12:00 00798 Investigations of the Ammonium Borohydride System - Potential Hydrogen Storage Materials Ratcliffe C.I., Brinkmann A., Flacau R., Klug D.D., Lang S., Moudrakovski I.L., O'Dell L.A., Ripmeester J.A., Yao Y., Pallister P.
12:20 End of Session

SS1Room 201 C

Electrochemistry and Electrocatalysis (joint with AN4)

Organizer(s) - Gregory Jerkiewicz; Michael Eikerling

08:00 See AN4

12:20 End of Session

SSPConstitution Hall


Organizer(s) - Sylvie Morin
Chair(s) - S. Morin

From 12:20 until 13:40

Poster sessions are from 12:20 - 13:40 and 17:40 - 19:20.

From In Silico to In Vivo: Strategies for Probing Molecular Phenomena at Biological Interfaces

12:20 00799 Polymer Supported Lipid Bilayers Using a Chitosan/Hyaluronic Acid Polyelectrolyte Multilayer $Mulligan K.M., *Johnston L.J.

Nanostructures: Structure-Property Relationships and Applications

12:20 00800 The Incorporation of the Pseudo Polyelectrolyte (PVPh) Into Multilayer Thin Films *$Priefer R.
12:20 00801 Structure and Dynamics of b-Cyclodextrin/Perfluorooctanoic Acid Inclusion Complexes Karoyo A.H., Borisov A., Hazendonk P., Wilson L.D.
12:20 00802 A Dielectric Effect on Normal Mode Analysis and Symmetry of BNNT Nanotube *Baei M.T.
12:20 00803 Adsorption Properties of Hydrogen on H-capped (5, 5) Boron Nitride Nanotube (BNNT) Through Density Functional Theory *$Baei M.T.
12:20 00804 Theoretical Study of Adsorption of O2 Molecule in Gas Phase on Boron Nitride Nanotube (BNNT) by DFT Method *Kaveh F., Baei M.T.
12:20 00805 DFT Study of Chemisorptions Between Oxygen Molecule and Nanocluster Cr (100) Surface Moradi A.V., *Baei M.T.
12:20 00806 Abnormal Pressure-induced Structural Transformations of Gallium Nitride Nanowires Dong Z.H., *Song Y.
12:20 00807 The Structure and Electronic Properties of Protein/thiolate-Protected Gold Nanocluster with "Staple" Motif: An X-ray Spectroscopy Study Padmos J.D., Simms G.A., *$Zhang P.
12:20 00808 Nanostructures Study of Chemisorptions Between Oxygen Molecule and Al (100) Surface *Kazemi Babaheydari A., Baei M.T.
12:20 00809 Comparison of Wetting, Electrochemical Barrier Properties, and Crystallinity of Dialkyldithiophosphinic Acid Self-assembled Monolayers on Au and Pd Mai V., $Breen Carmichael T.
12:20 00810 A Point-Projection Electron Microscope *Groshaus J.G., Zia H., Hoving D., $Miller R.J.D.
12:20 00811 Functionalization and Characterization of Fluorescent SiO2 Nano- and Microparticles with Carbohydrate-Based Molecules Wright V.A., Cooper A., Meloncelli P.J., Mylvaganam J., Buriak J.M., Lowary T., West L.
12:20 00812 Interpreting Scanning Tunneling Microscopy Images of Molecular Lines Sinha S., DiLabio G.A., $Wolkow R.A.

Graduate Student Posters - Nanostructures: Structure-Property Relationships and Applications

12:20 00813 Plasmonic Enhanced Organic Photovoltaic Cell by Using Nanostructures on Gold Surface Wang P.H., Rahman M., $Brolo A.G.
12:20 00814 Low-Defect Alkanethiolate Self-Assembled Monolayers on Ultra-Smooth Gold Substrates Prepared by Chemical Mechanical Planarization Miller M.S., *$Breen Carmichael T.
12:20 00815 Hydroxyphenol Interaction with Iron Oxide Colloids and Aluminum Oxide Colloids by Chemical Force Microscopy Azmi A., *Horton J.H.
12:20 00816 Nano Pattern Formation During Electropolishing: From Dimples to Stripes *Wang Y., $Kruse P.

Graduate Student Posters - General SS

12:20 00817 Bis(benzene) and Bis(cyclopentadienyl) V and Cr Doped Mesoporous Silica with High Enthalpies of Hydrogen Adsorption Hoang T., *$Antonelli D.
12:20 00818 The Development of a Sr(II) Selective Polymer for the Determination of Sr-90 in Urine Hrdina A.H.I., *Lai E.P.C, Li C.S., Sadi B., Kramer G.
12:20 00819 Characterization of Modified Polystyrene Surfaces to Resist Bio-fouling *Nelson G.W., Parker E., Moloney M.G., $Foord J.S.
12:20 00820 Amino Acid Functionalized Conducting Materials McTiernan C.D., Omri K., *$Chahma M.
12:20 00821 Gold Nanoparticle-Labels for Multiplexed LSPR Biosensing Laurentius L., $McDermott M.
12:20 00822 Electrochemistry of Sol-gel Based Corrosion Suppression Coatings Containing Naphthoquinone Prest L.E., Stabler J.L., Vreugdenhil A.J., *$Easton E.B.
12:20 00823 Gd2O3-doped Mesoporous Silica Nanoparticles for Cell Tracking with MRI Guillet-Nicolas R., *Kleitz F., Fortin M.-A.
12:20 00824 Emulsion Polymerization Using Switchable Surfactants Fowler C.I., Muchemu C., *Jessop P.G., $Cunningham M.F.
12:20 00825 Redispersion of Aggregated Polymer Latexes using Switchable Surfactants O'Neill C.J., $Cunningham M.F., *Jessop P.G.
12:20 00826 The Effect of Switchable Surfactants on Colloidal Interactions by Chemical Force Microscopy Lau Y., Horton H., Jessop P.
12:20 00827 Localized Atomic Reaction of p-dichlorobenzene on Cu(110) at 4.7K *Eisenstein A., Leung L., Polanyi J.C.
12:20 00828 Size Does Matter: Optimum Aperture in Infrared Reflection Absorption Spectroscopy (IRRAS) Blatt S.E., *Roscoe S.G., $Zamlynny V.
12:20 00829 Cross-Linking of Tetraazaporphyrins at the Air-Water Interface by Click Chemistry Ahmida M.M., Fortowsky G.B., *Eichhorn S.H.olger
12:20 End of Session

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