93rd Canadian Chemistry Conference and Exhibition

Undergraduate Student Poster Competition

Tuesday AM

UPBMConstitution Hall

Biological and Medicinal Chemistry

Organizer(s) - Cecilia Kutas
Chair(s) - C. Kutas

12:20 01470 Metal-Cored Photodynamic Therapy Anti-Cancer Agents Grenga P.N., Griffiths J.R., Ludwig J.N., Skelhorne-Gross G., Greene R.S., *$Priefer R.
12:20 01471 Investigation of the Enzyme Methionine Sulfoxide Reductase A from Mycobacterium tuberculosis Wang J., $Honek J.F.
12:20 01472 Novel Study of Alzheimer's Disease: Detection of Amyloid Fibril Formation via Electrochemical Oxidation of Benzothiazole Dyes Hung V., *Veloso A., $Kerman K.
12:20 01473 Protein-Doped Silica Monoliths: A New Platform for Natural Product Drug Screening Fortuna J.N., *Smith A.M., Forsberg E., $Brennan J.D.
12:20 01474 Toward KIE Measurement by Natural Abundance 2H-NMR: Acid-and Enzyme-Catalyzed Hydrolysis of Beta- and Alpha-Methyl Glucoside Lukenda N., Fei F., Wang Y.C., Bain A.D., *$Berti P.J.
12:20 01475 Discovery of Macplocimine-A, a Unique 18-Membered Resorcylic Acid Natural Product Isolated from Marine Microbial Mats Consisting of Thioploca chileae *Wang W., Thuss J.A.J., $Magarvey N.A.
12:20 01476 Signal Enhancement of Lantibiotics Using Capillary Electrophoresis Dever B.R., $Donkor K.K.
12:20 01477 The Role of Hydrogen-Bonding Interactions on the Toxicity of the Trichothecenes T2 and Deoxynivalenol Shank R.A., Foroud N.A., Chaudhary P., Hazendonk P., Eudes F.
12:20 01478 Synthesis of Molecular Probes for the Rescue Site in Mutant Cystic Fibrosis Protein Denning R.A., *$Viirre R.D.
12:20 01479 Examining the Structural Activity Relationship of Oxazoline Cisplatin Analogues on their Biological Activity Towards Cancer Cells Jolly L., *$Gossage R.A., Marshall J., Gardiner M.A.
12:20 End of Session

UPCEConstitution Hall

Chemical Education

Organizer(s) - Cecilia Kutas
Chair(s) - C. Kutas

12:20 01480 High School Chemistry - Teachers' Perspectives on Assessment and Curriculum Lee J., Colasanto M., Genkin I., Gao D., Cosolo L., Hoang K., Plobner E., Nguyen B., Wang C.A., Gewarges M., Ng G., Pfefferle J., Hu C., *$Stone D.C.
12:20 01481 Evaluation of Students' Realization of Laboratory Learning Goals Associated with an Acid/Base Buffer Experiment in a Large, Introductory Undergraduate Lab Chang Y.C., Sachedina A., Zhou J., Duis J.M., Nussbaum S., Stewart J., *$Schafer L.L., Wolff P.
12:20 01482 Assessment of Student Achievement of Learning Goals Associated with a Liquid-Liquid Extraction of Caffeine Experiment in a Large Introductory Chemistry Laboratory Course Zhou J., Sachedina A., Chang Y.C., Duis J.M., Nussbaum S., Stewart J., *$Schafer L.L., Wolff P.
12:20 01483 Attainment of Learning Goals Associated with an Electrochemistry Experiment in a Large, Introductory Chemistry Laboratory Course Sachedina A., Schafer L.L., Nussbaum S., Stewart J., Wolff P., Zhou J., Chang Y.C., $Duis J.M.
12:20 01484 Chemical Contents of Tea Vinayak R., *Vinayak P.
12:20 01485 Carbon Dioxide and Global Warming Vinayak P., Vinayak R.
12:20 End of Session

UPENConstitution Hall


Organizer(s) - Cecilia Kutas
Chair(s) - C. Kutas

12:20 01486 Active Transport and Retention of Inorganic Carbon in Leptolyngbya sp. de Araujo E.D., $Espie G.S.
12:20 End of Session

UPINConstitution Hall


Organizer(s) - Cecilia Kutas
Chair(s) - C. Kutas

12:20 00052 A New Synthetic Route to Poly(oxothiazenes) [N=S(O)R]n Aldeva V., Gezahegn S., Quinn J., *$McWilliams A.
12:20 00053 Towards the Synthesis of Inverse Crown Metal Containing Macrocycles Based on Zirconocene Coupling of Diynes Quinn J., *$McWilliams A.
12:20 01273 Novel Chromium-Based NPN Complex for Ethylene Oligomerization in Homogeneous and Heterogeneous State Chung Y.C, *Gambarotta S.G, $Licciulli S.L, Duchateau R.D
12:20 01487 Photoisomerisation and Guest-Host Properties of Boron-Functionalized Platinum Dimers Lee K.A., Rao Y., Ricketts P.J., *Wang S.
12:20 01488 Luminescent Sensors for Zinc Ions Varlan M., *Sun Y., $Wang S.
12:20 01489 The First Structurally Stable 5-Coordinate Polystannane Komejan S., Foucher D.
12:20 01490 Bis(iminopyrrolyl)cobalt(II) Complexes for Controlled Radical Polymerization Sanders J.W., Henderson R.W., *$McNeil W.S.
12:20 01491 Inclusion Compounds of Hydrophobic Dipeptides and the Causes of their Instability Brown C.T., *Soldatov D.V.
12:20 01492 Synthesis and Characterization of Multilayer Core-shell Nanoprobes Based on Metal-Enhanced FRET for Biosensing Applications Ratelle O., Brouard D., L.-Viger M., Rioux M., Rainville L., Bracamonte A.G., *Boudreau D.
12:20 01493 Lithium Complexes of Amine-bis(phenolate) Ligands as Initiators for the Ring-opening Polymerization of Cyclic Esters Reckling A.M., *Kozak C.M.
12:20 01494 Trinuclear Nickel Catalysts for Olefin Polymerization Resanovic S., *$Gossage R.A., Foucher D.A., Lough A.J.
12:20 01495 Encapsulation of Different Silver Nanoparticles Morphologies with Gold and Silica McEachran M., *Kitaev V.
12:20 01496 Enolate-Oxazoline Hydrid Ligand Complexes of Molydenum(VI) Petrov A., *$Gossage R.A., Lough A.J.
12:20 01497 Photochemical Preparation of Au Nanoparticles on Solid Supports and Their Application Towards Epoxidation Catalysts Crites C.-O.L., Hallett-Tapley G., McGilvray K.L., Gonzalez-Bejar M., Scaiano J.C.
12:20 01498 d-block Coordination Polymers of 2,1,3-Benzoselenadiazole Lee L.(M.), Elder P.J.W., *Vargas-Baca I.
12:20 01499 Reactivity of N-Heterocyclic Phosphenium Systems Hendsbee A.D., Giffin N.A., *$Masuda J.D.
12:20 End of Session

UPORConstitution Hall

Organic Chemistry

Organizer(s) - Cecilia Kutas
Chair(s) - C. Kutas

12:20 01500 Decomposition Properties of Dibenzylic Sulfites Grenga P.N., *$Priefer R.
12:20 01501 Green Halogenation: Catalyst-free Electrophilic Substitution of "Br+" on Aromatic Heterocycles in Acetic Acid Solvent D'Aleo D.N., *$MacKinnon C.D., Gottardo C., Rohr D.J.
12:20 01502 Anthraquinone-Based Discotic Liquid Crystals Murschell A.E., $Sutherland T.C.
12:20 01503 Multidentate N,S-based Pyridyl and S-Functionalized N-Heterocyclic Carbene Ligand Frameworks for Transition Metal Catalysts Cross E., *$Bierenstiel M.
12:20 01504 Unique First and Second Generation Analogues of Small Molecule Sensitizers to Anoikis in Prostate Cancer Cells Syed A., Dalili S.
12:20 01505 Towards the Synthesis of New Alkoxy-Substituted Hexabenzotriphenylenes Cochran M.A., *$Maly K.E.
12:20 01506 9,9'-Spirobifluorene as a Molecular Building Block for Organic Porous Solids Williamson C.L., *$Maly K.E.
12:20 01507 Synthesis and Characterisation of Chiral Oxazoline Enolates and Their Application in Asymmetric Transformations Mahdi T., *$Gossage R.A., Lough A.J.
12:20 01508 Synthesis of Chiral Phosphine Ligands for use in Asymmetric Buchwald-Hartwig Reactions Alkhouri B., *$Viirre R.D.
12:20 01509 High-Order Cyclodextrin Complexes: Investigation Into Effects of Substituents to The Naphthalene System Santiago C., *Evans C.
12:20 01510 A Novel Synthesis of Heptiptycene Using Diels-Alder Reactions Peeters T.G., *$Maly K.E.
12:20 End of Session

UPPTConstitution Hall

Physical, Theoretical and Computational Chemistry

Organizer(s) - Cecilia Kutas
Chair(s) - C. Kutas

12:20 01511 Is the Condensed Fukui Function Negative in Charge Disproportionation Compounds? Rabi N., Echegaray E., $Ayers P.W.
12:20 01512 A Matrix Isolation FTIR Investigation of the Fragmentation Products Following Charge Transfer Ionization of Vinyl Fluoride Linford B.D., Parnis J.M., *Thompson M.G.K.
12:20 01513 Modeling Electronic Energy Transfer in Light-Harvesting Proteins via Theoretical Simulations of Two-Dimensional Photon Echo Spectroscopy Dinshaw R., Casey J.P., $Scholes G.D.
12:20 01514 Solution & Solid State NMR Spectroscopy of New Fluoroamines and b-Blockers: Applications in Radiopharmaceutical Chemistry Shank R.A., van Oosten E.M., Vasdev N., Gerken M., $Hazendonk P.
12:20 01515 Theoretical Study of Charge-Shift Bonding in Propellanes Istvankova Z., *$Keefe C.D.
12:20 01516 Infrared & Raman Studies of Cyclopentane, Cyclopentane-d10, n-Pentane and n-Pentane-d12 Jaspers-Fayer S., *$Keefe C.D.
12:20 End of Session

UPSSConstitution Hall

Surface Science

Organizer(s) - Cecilia Kutas
Chair(s) - C. Kutas

12:20 01517 Synthesis of ~4 nm sized Nanoparticles Via Ligand Exchange and Their Film Morphology, Interparticle Distances and Reversibility at an Air-Water Interface McLaughlin D.T., *Meli M.-V.
12:20 01518 The Internal Structuring of a Silicone Polymer for Controlled Release Whinton M., Brook M.A., Nayef L., So H.
12:20 End of Session

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