93rd Canadian Chemistry Conference and Exhibition

Chemical Education

Sunday AM

CE3Room 206 E

Student Research in Chemistry Education

Organizer(s) - Cecilia Kutas
Chair(s) - C. Kutas

08:00 00011 Electrons, X-rays and Dust Bunnies: Introducing Elementary School Students to Atomic Theory and the Periodic Table using Electron Microscopy and Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy *Smeaton C.M., Lackie S.
08:20 00012 Online Cross Course Group Work Between Chemistry and Pharmacy Students *$Miller T.A., Cardillo C.M., Bogner R., Neth E.J.
08:40 00013 Kamiks and Kevlar? Chemistry Outreach in the Great White North *Griffin L.D., Smeaton C.M., $Rayner-Canham G.W.
09:00 00014 The Chemistry of Everyday Health and Beauty Products Gorin Z., Della Mora L., Dsouza S., D'Silva K.
09:20 00015 High School Factors Influencing Performance in First-Year University Chemistry Pfefferle J., Hu C., Wang C.A., Ng G., Gewarges M., Colasanto M., Lee J., Hoang K., Gao D., Nguyen B., Genkin I., Cosolo L., Plobner E., *$Stone D.C.
09:40 00016 Factors Influencing Performance in First-Year University Chemistry Hu C., Pfefferle J., Wang C.A., Ng G., Gewarges M., Colasanto M., Lee J., Hoang K., Gao D., Nguyen B., Genkin I., Cosolo L., Plobner E., *$Stone D.C.
10:00 End of Session

Sunday PM

CE5Room 206 E

Teaching Writing Skills to Chemists

Organizer(s) - Leslie Barton
Chair(s) - A.P. Dicks; L. Barton

13:40 00298 Recording Experimental Work Barton L.
14:00 00299 Innovative Teaching Methods as Communication *$Kutas C.M.
14:20 00300 The Use of Discipline Specific, Writing-Intensive Learning as a Communication and Learning Tool in an Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory Course *Hanlan L., Alexander K.
14:40 00301 Teaching Discipline-Specific Writing to Chemical Engineering Undergraduates: A Reflective, Iterative Process *Ambidge C., Tihanyi D.
15:00 00302 Communicating Chemistry Gaede H.C.
15:40 Coffee Break
The Pearson Education Canada Lecture

16:00 00303 Writing as Thinking Kovac J.
16:40 00304 The WIT Project: Teaching Laboratory Writing Skills to Undergraduates at the University of Toronto Dicks A.P., Edgar L.J.
17:00 00305 Trading in the Backpack: Professional Development of Senior Year Chemistry Students Focsaneanu K.-S., Blake J.A.
17:20 00306 Teaching Writing to Chemistry Graduate Students- What They Learned, What We Learned *$Ilnicki-Stone E.I., Guenther S., Korcok D., Brindle J.
17:40 End of Session

Monday AM

CE6Room 206 E

The Future of Global Chemistry Education

Organizer(s) - Glen Loppnow
Chair(s) - G.R. Loppnow

08:00 00510 Questioning Undergraduate Chemistry Rayner-Canham G.
08:20 00511 Bringing the Human Element back into Chemistry Education Through Interdisciplinary Science *$Loppnow G.R.
08:40 00512 Science Education and Physical Science: Opportunities for Engagement *$Schriver M., Reck S.
09:00 00513 The John Wiley Canada Lecture: Communicating with Students Outside of the Classroom *$Burk R.C.
09:20 00514 Active Learning Pedagogies for the Future of Global Chemistry Education Poe J.C.
09:40 00515 Teaching Strategies for an Interactive Chemistry Classroom *$Wagner B.D.
10:00 Coffee Break
10:20 00516 Think Globally: Study Abroad Opportunities for Science Undergraduates Hoffman M.Z.
10:40 00517 Diversity in Students Armour M.-A.
11:00 00518 Chemistry Education for our Global Future Mahaffy P.G.
11:20 Panel Discussion - Global Chemistry Education

12:20 End of Session

CEPConstitution Hall


Organizer(s) - Andy Dicks
Chair(s) - A.P. Dicks

From 12:20 until 13:40

12:20 00519 A "Universal" Approach to the Periodic Table of the Elements *$Bierenstiel M.
12:20 00520 Determination of Copper in Vitamin Tablets with Flame Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometry: An Analytical Chemistry Undergraduate Course Experiment *Bazzi A., Bazzi J., Deng Y.

Graduate Student Posters - CE

12:20 00521 Synthesis of Silver Nanoprisms and Investigation of Their Optical Properties - An Undergraduate Chemistry Laboratory Experiment Frank A.J., Cathcart N., Maly K.E., Kitaev V.
12:20 00522 How Learning Styles, Chemistry Attitudes and Experiences, and Demographics Affect Academic Success in Students Taking First and Second Year Chemistry Courses *$Ilnicki-Stone E.I., Brindle I.D.
12:20 End of Session

Monday PM

CE2Room 206 E

Making Chemistry Relevant and Accessible to Today's Students

Organizer(s) - Dietmar Kennepohl; Rashmi Venkataswaran
Chair(s) - D. Kennepohl; R. Venkateswaran

13:40 00876 The Joy of ... Teaching Chemistry Fenster A.
14:20 00877 Excel Based "Templates" in Physical and Inorganic Chemistry: Easy Visuals from Every Day Tools *Thompson M.G.K.
14:40 00878 "That Can't Happen to Me!" Accident Theory: If Everyone Thinks it Can't Happen to Them, Why Do Accidents Happen? Venkateswaran R.
15:00 00879 Adaptive Grading of Student Experimental Results *$Jensen R.H.
15:20 00880 Chemical Education for High School Students: Outreach Activities Organised by the CIC Toronto Section *Barton L., Ramachandran R.
15:40 Coffee Break
16:00 00881 Conceptual Myths Perpetrated in Organic Chemistry Courses and Textbooks Andraos J.
16:20 00882 Safety Training Courses for Chemical Engineers at the University of Toronto *Ambidge C., Bankian-Tabrizi G.
16:40 00883 Laboratory Exemptions in Undergraduate Chemistry *$Shaw L., Carmichael R.
17:00 00884 Exploring Chemistry: A Journey of Developing Instructional Material *$Jensen R.H.
17:20 Panel Discussion - Making Chemistry Relevant

18:00 End of Session

Tuesday AM

CE7Room 206 E

Transitioning from High School to University Chemistry

Organizer(s) - David Stone
Chair(s) - D. Stone; L. Barton

08:00 01181 The California Diagnostic Test for General Chemistry Russell A.A.
08:40 01182 Making the Transition to University Learning - Student Perspectives on Learning in General Chemistry Jones L.A.
09:20 01183 Getting the Marks for University Barton L.
09:40 01184 How Learning Styles, Chemistry Attitudes and Experiences, and Demographics Affect Academic Success in Students Taking First and Second Year Chemistry Courses *$Ilnicki-Stone E.I., Brindle I.D.
10:00 Coffee Break
10:20 01185 Soft Skills for the Hard Sciences- Preparing Students to Make the Transition from Passenger to Driver in their Chemistry Learning Journey *Ilnicki-Stone E.I., Neff G.I.
10:40 01186 Why Good Students Fail *$Stone D.C.
11:00 01187 Assessing Students' Achievement of Laboratory Learning Goals in a Large, Introductory Science Course: Initial Results *Duis J.M., $Schafer L.L., Nussbaum S., Stewart J., Wolff P., Sachedina A., Zhou J., Chang Y.C.
11:20 01188 "Professional" Laboratory Training for First-year Chemistry Students *Gauvin F., Koczanski K.
11:40 01189 Research in the High School Chemistry Laboratory Jansen M.P.
12:00 End of Session

Tuesday PM

CE1Room 206 E

Beyond the Traditional Chemistry Lecture: Effective, Engaging Teaching Methods

Organizer(s) - Anne Johnson
Chair(s) - A. Johnson

13:40 01550 Re-inventing Our Concept of First-Year Chemistry Laws P.
14:00 01551 Reshuffling the Deck in Organic Chemistry: The Benefits of Shifting Away from a Functional Group-based Organization $Ackroyd N.C., *Morante S.J.
14:20 01552 Nelson Education Presents: Organic Chemistry Flashware "Bringing learning to life and life to learning" *$Deslongchamps G.
15:00 01553 Adding the Phrase "Don't Run with Scissors" to the Course Syllabus: Using Cut-and-Paste Exercises to Engage Students in Learning Instrumental Analytical Chemistry *Algar W.R., $Krull U.J.
15:20 01554 Exploring Molecular Structure in the Computer Lab or at Home Xidos J.D.
15:40 Coffee Break
Chemical Education / CSC Student Awards Reception -- 15:40 - 16:40

16:40 01555 Student Engagement in Project Work: But what about the Internet? Causton A.S.
17:00 01556 Awakening the Chemist Within: Engaging Students in Course Material Through Non-Traditional Extra Credit Projects Sauer E.L.O.
17:20 01557 Offer Something Different: An Authentic Scientific Inquiry for High School Students Walker T., *Blyth R.I.R.
17:40 01558 Incorporating Video Technology Outside the Lab: New Ways to Prepare for General Chemistry Lab Experiments $Mnich N., *George N., McWilliams A.
18:00 End of Session

Wednesday AM

CE4Room 206 E

Teaching Green Chemistry in Lecture & Laboratory

Organizer(s) - John Andraos; Andy Dicks
Chair(s) - J. Andraos; A.P. Dicks

08:40 01706 Effective Approaches to Integrating Green Chemistry in Undergraduate Organic Chemistry Education Abhyankar S.
09:00 01707 Teaching Students to Critically Read and Assess the Literature for 'Greenness' *$Kerton F.M.
CIC Chemical Education Award Lecture

09:20 01708 How You Can (And Why You Should) "Green" Your Undergraduate Lab Curriculum Dicks A.P.
10:00 Coffee Break
Taylor & Francis Green Chemistry Lecture

10:20 01709 Bringing Green Chemistry and Sustainability into the Curriculum *$Cann M.C.
11:00 01710 Teaching Green Chemistry Decision-Making at the Undergraduate Level Jessop P.G.
11:20 01711 Challenges in Launching a University Level Green Chemistry Course for Students and Professional Chemists Andraos J.
11:40 Discussion - Teaching Green Chemistry in Lecture & Laboratory

12:20 End of Session

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